35th Anniv Wish I didn't have to sell... need help on pricing

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  1. Hey guys,

    Bought my 35th LE back in 2002 and have loved the car for many years. About a year ago the engine seized up, probably something from the previous owner because I babied that car. So I saved up the money and decide to replace the engine and started the work of removing the old motor. Recently my wife was laid off from work so short end of the story is times are tough and now I need to sell the car.

    Does anyone have a clue how much to try and sell the car for, every price I see online is for a running vehicle and this one has the engine out of it and ready for a new one. The paint is good the interior is good and everything mechanically works fine, except the engine obviously. I love this car and would love to work on and keep it in my garage but you know how it is.
  2. How many miles? I don't see how something you owned for 9 years could have been the previous owners fault... I'm sure you've put your fair share of use and ware on the vehicle, since you've owned it much much longer than he did...

    If the car is in great condition, with below average miles, you probably will get about 3.5-4K for it. If it's in average to below average condition, i don't see you getting more than 3K at most for it. Almost anyone interested in it won't be replacing or repairing the engine, they probably will buy it to drop a Mach/Cobra engine in it.
  3. I'm thinking about selling mine too, so I went on line to see what's for sale in my area . . About 10 miles from me (at a Toyota dealer!) there's a black Ltd Edition coupe with only 12.7K miles on it! I guess I gotta wait for it to go away before I try to sell my high mileage (34K) 'vert!
    1999 Ford Mustang GT, $11,990 - Cars.com

    I looked on autotrader.com and cars.com and found several LEs but only a couple of the sellers even knew (or mentioned) that they were LEs. One ad even called a Perf Red car "Laser Red"....

    Spring is coming . . anybody need a 'vert?
  4. Thats a nice "Limited"....love the black. Its #2432 of 4,628.