Wishy Washy With V6 Mustang.. And Need Advice

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Is remodeling a smart choice?

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  1. I own my 2000 V6. It's been making an awful noise, and with research I know I need a flywheel and clutch kit. I do have it listed for sale. However, I'm unsure if I really would let it go. I need to know how much I should put into it, before it gets too much. So far, with just the flywheel, clutchkit, and labor to do that, it's 1g. A bit confused, and heartbroken on what to do.

  2. Yeah, buy the parts and do it yourself.
  3. I can buy the parts. I can't do the work. I don't have the equipment. Is 400 for labor about right?
  4. That's not excessive for labor on that job.
  5. Noobz347 Thank you. I know just the Mechanic.

    Concerning the flywheel, can I use an aluminum standard flywheel versus the SPEC Billit Steel? Is there a big difference performance wise? I'm hoping to save money... I have the SPEC 1 Clutch Kit from American Muscle. Will the aluminum flywheel be fine?
  6. You should be able to reuse your OEM flywheel. Just have it measured and turned.

    You need neither a Billet or aluminum flywheel. You need just an OEM replacement 'if' it even requires replacing.
  7. Tranny still needs to be taken out to make that call. Don't want to buy the parts with mechanics since they have a surcharge. I want to go in prepared.
  8. OEM replacement from a local store so you can return it if it's not needed. If it's not been turned before, then you will likely reuse it.