Witch Cam/intake should i get? For my 351w motor

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Xtreme Limits, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Well im not sure what to use yet, im planing on supercharging it in a couple years, the car will be used on the weekends only for the first year. After that it should become a daily driver.
    Im in a wheelchair so i cant drive the car but, once i save up for hand control's,( next year some time i will take over the car from my dad).
    Heres the combo i was thinking of........................

    351w .30over, 8.0-8.5:1cr, h-beam rods, forged dished pistons -------- just have the block and crank
    F303 Cam- .512 lift, 288 duration/ .544 lift with 1.7roller rockers ------- have it
    or a Z303 Cam- .552lift, 290 duration/ .586 lift with 1.7roller rockers -------- have it
    215cc 64cc Pro topline Alum. heads -------- next to buy
    1.7roller rockers --------- need it, good set that will last. under $200
    75mm TB. ------- have it
    42lb injectors with/ pro-m MAF ------- have it
    intake ????????? --------- still need one
    ProCharger P1SC or D1SC, ran @ 15lbs or more ---------- long time away

    Im going to run a AOD tranny with a 2600 or 3000 stall depending on witch cam i run, i wont beable to get a new intake for a couple months, but what would you suggest for my combo. Also i want to run my Z303 cam with 1.7rr in my 351w, could you give me a guess as to what kind of HP ill have with this settup and what my max RPM will be,with out a superchager?
    Also would i need to up grade the 1.440 springs to run the Z303 cam?