With is what I'm starting with????

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  1. Listed with Part #'s

    1.) Hotchkis: TVS (HP80030)
    2.) Maximum Motorsports: Full Length Chassis Brace Kit (CBK42)
    3.) Steeda: Rear Shock Tower Brace (ST82)
    4.) Tokico: D-Spec Shocks & Struts (TSK4)
    5.) Steeda: Bumpsteer Kit (ST75)
    6.) Flaming River: U-joint & Shaft Kit (FR1509P)
    7.) ACC: Night Stalker 2800 Stall Torque Converter (26512)
    8.) B+M: Shift Improver Kit, Stage 1 (BM40266)
    9.) Ford Racing: Transmission Cooler (M7095SR)
    10.) B+M: Transmission Fluid Pan (BM40287)
    11.) UPR Driveshaft Safty Loop (UP104)
    12.) Ford Racing: 3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft (M4602J) will work with Auto.
    13.) Ford Racing: 7.5" Traction Loc Differential (M4204C75)
    14.) Motive Gear 3.45:1 7.5" Ring + Pinion (MG21)
    15.) Ratech: Complete Ring + Pinion Install Kit (RT45)

    Wanting the car for Autocross/Street Rally Races, but Also as a Daily Driver, if anyone has any input on things i should change here, or things to be added, this is only my plan for now, i have not started this build yet, just looking for input on an idea.
  2. Sorry, car is a 2002 V6 Auto
  3. that is def a good start. i would upgrade with a cold air intake, throttle body, ignition parts and exhaust. that way you have some more power to work with and some throttle response.
  4. i was thinking into that, for the most part was looking at everything that BBK offered Intake, T-Body, 25% underdrive Pullys, and Headers, performance distributors Live Wires & Screamin Demon Coil Pack, but i want a side exit exhaust, i like the sound of the Spintech Mufflers, but they hard to find.