With Spring on the anvil get geared to look your sunshine best.

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  1. With Spring on the anvil get geared to look your sunshine best.

    With the advent of spring its time you spice up your ward robe with something cool for this spring season. If you are the kind who is fashionable but needs that extra piece of advice before you give in to buying something.

    Be a little smart and make a few practical purchases that should give you a decent fresh look this spring.

    The blousy style dresses are back in fad. Wrap something in ruffles, flounces and fancy neck ties to create that alluring feel. You could also flaunt bare shoulders or bare back with loose or fitted waist. Compliment yourself with plain or decorated tops as per comfort level and preference.

    Ideally you could also go for straight tailored looks. Create and unsettling vibrant looks with a leather accessories or bold jewelleries. You could stir up some the feel with rich brocades and jacquards. A lighter shade of blue looks great with blue jeans. You can mix’n’match simple, understated tops with fancy looks dark blue jeans to keep those eyes popping. Add minimal accessories to multiply your gorgeous looks.

    The design of your dress could also speak volumes about your persona. Get creative fuse dance dress designs or cocktail length dresses with sexy detailing or ruching designs at the bustline. It could be hip-hugging, bare shoulders or bare back or simply both.

    Floral designs are the best signs of springs. Innovate with denim jeans or bottoms with printed tops in floral designs. You could also sport one piece dresses in floral designs from top to bottom or with floral motifs. Spice them up with scarves or any other complementing jewellery. Victorian style or vintage style dresses with those lacy designs and frilly feminine looks could also give you that attention grabbing feel. Get innovative add a bit of ribbon or lace to your attire for that bold chic look.

    Accessories will play a pivotal role in adding a zing to your looks. Slung belts, pair of large framed sunglasses with color tint lenses, fresh sparky jewelry, earrings are hoops or big and beautiful, chokers are beaded with loose strands cascading will make a big difference to your looks. Punctuate your glitzy look with fantastic coloured shoes or strappy stilettos. Last but not least, don’t forget to wear a large sun hat and sunscreen lotions.

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  2. my vote for best thread ever, in Classic Talk at least....
  3. Talk about missing your audience!
  4. I think a low cut strapless number punctuated with coloured stilettos would be the perfect accessory for my passenger seat. :D
  5. Punctuate your glitzy look with fantastic coloured shoes or strappy stilettos

    who DOESNT do that? geez :)
  6. I believe that I do not use the word motif enough. I think I have been missing out.
  7. ummm, i really think that was a little too much info there bro. :D
  8. when he says the blousy top look is in. Does this include pirate shirts?

    that would be hella cool.
  9. HM, I think I speak for all of us here when I say NOBODY wants to see your hairy chimp-chest in a "blousy top"! :puke:

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  11. Good point, besides who among us can't use a little fashion advice?