WMS Velocity System installed - pic's

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  1. I have tried at least a dozen different CAI setups including the original WMS Velocity tube a few ago and this latest kit is by far the best looking and performing out of all of them. :nice: I always thought I could compete by building my own CAI but in this case, nope! :notnice: My home built kits worked good but not this good, with looks. :hail2: I had planned to go with a new CAI kit by Volant but after 4-5 months of waiting and then lack of response from them ( :rolleyes: ) I decided to move on and go with the new WMS kit that a couple of my fellow Cobra mates recommended. Given I have a strut tower brace this was my only other option at this time for what I wanted. As for the installation it was a piece of cake except having to install the filter from underneath which barely fits in the fender. Otherwise fits like a glove and the response and pickup it has provided my car is amazing and very noticeable :nice: . My fuel trims have never been so stable and near zero before as they are now, at least on my car with my modifications it seems to be the perfect combination. I plan to dyno soon establishing a baseline of all my accumulated modifications over the past year before my SCT tune. :banana: :banana:

  2. I have this exact setup on my '01 and am also very happy with it. I assume that you also have the 95mm Pro-M? Does the mass air sensor rub against your valve cover? I can't seem to position my lower intake tube to have the mass air sensor further away from the valve cover. I still haven't had the car tuned and I am curious to see how much more power I can pick up after the tune.
  3. Yes I have the 95mm also, but no it doesnt touch. The powerpipe has about 3/8" clearance and the MAF is at least that. I was able to rotate the upper powerpipe a little to move everything away from touching anywhere.

  4. niiiice.

    that looks nice sweet engine dude...I noticed the yellow top if the system looks anywhere near what that that engine looks like you are driving gods chariot... :nice:
  5. Thanks, the WMS is very nice looking and I have been paying some attention to my engine compartment over the last few months make it look pirty :banana:

  6. Where did you get that strut towerbrace, and does it need to be welded to the firewall
  7. It's a Kenny Brown STB, BUT it's an original version from way back, they dont make them like this anymore. Mine bolts onto the tower and can use any CC plates, their new design mounts over the strut and you need their CC plates. I like this one, worked out great. http://www.shane.roberts.net/fstb.htm

  8. This is the intake I am definately going to get once I get my Magnaflow cat back. It looks nice, do you feel the performance gain was worth the price, because the entire system cost $450.
  9. i have that beautiful system in my snake and i noticed that the car definetly ran smoother and ran harder. haven't got it dynoed, but i know that there's more there with a tune.
  10. I am planning to dyno on Saturday. I wont be able to break down any gains/losses just from the WMS since I have made a ton of other changes, but I'll have a good idea as I roughly know what to expect from each change (if all goes as planned!).
  11. Any good leads as to where I can pick this CAI up? My Cobra's filter has never been touched and still running the stock Filter because of too many choices for CAI. :(
  12. Charmer,

    You sight is mindnumbingly awesome to any 99-01 owner..

    :nice: :nice: :nice:

    I spent an entire afternoon at work surfing it :D , and let me tell you it got my adrenaline pumping as to where I want to go with my car in the future..

    Keep up the good work.. And keep us posted on your Dyno run..
  13. TXSnakeCharmer,

    Is that a Mach I front splitter on your Cobra? I bought one but it's sitting in my garage because it doesn't seem to fit the Cobras bumper. :(

    It either falls 1inch short of the wheel well when flush of the front bumber or 1inch under the front bumber when placed flush with the wheel well. In your pic it looks like a Mach I splitter and if so how did you make it flush with both the front bumper and the wheel well (if I see that correctly).


    Edit: After looking at your site I see it's the Shinoda. I didn't want to go with that spoiler because it seemed to stick out too far. But looking at your pics it doesn't look bad at all. :nice:
  14. dark_cobra_01 - Yes I am sick, twisted, anal and sometimes stubborn when it comes to my car and the website, and I enjoy every minute of it :D :banana: 99's rock :nice:

    tfritz - The chin spoiler is the Shinoda spoiler and my car used to be on their website for the install instructions, not sure if it is any more. But if it is the pictures they have show the original spoiler, and somewhere on my site there may be some original pictures also but I think I changed them all...my point is I repaint it once a year to clean up rock chips, etc and the first time I did this I trimmed about 1-1.5" off the very front of the spoiler because I also thought it stuck out a little to far. It would also scrape on big dips or bumps, etc. No problems now and not so "stick-out-ish" !! :nice: . I used a jig saw and a fiber glass file to trim it before painting again. Just run a piece of tape around opposite what you want to trim and follow the tape to keep it even.
  15. Great stuff Shane! Looks good, welcome to the family :D .

    Hope the best on your dyno day coming up, please let me know the results!

    As of right now, I'm in the planning process for my new projet:

    VT Engines Big Bore 5.1L, Fully Ported Heads, Crower Staget II Cams and valvetrain, FR500 Intake or (my top secret Short Runner Intake that I have been working on).

    Best of luck brother, I'll keep you posted.

  16. ok, without going into great detail about my dyno experience today it didnt go quite as planned but was not a total loss. Had to wait four hours on two Miata's tuning on the dyno (pumped out 250 RWHP!). Finally got on and discovered I didnt have my serial connector for my laptop to tune with my MafterBurner, so basically I did three pulls just to get the dyno files and see where everything was at. To my surprise the AF was very good considering all the changes I had made. It went rich from 5K up starting at 12.0 and decreasing to 11.5 near 6500 RPM which cost me some high RPM ponies. Over all I pulled 317 RWHP with my AF at 11.9, so without a doubt I have some more ponies waiting for me after I adjust it. What I was most happy with was from 2K-5K I increased my low end and still increased my high end which typically is a trade off on my NA. So the bottom line for today is my peak went 3 and my low end went up near 10 for HP and TQ. I am pretty confident that with a little AF adjusting I can get another 10 minimum easily. With the SCT tune I think I will be happy. I havent had time to host my graph but will eventually. The curve is very good.