wobbly front driver side tire


May 7, 2004
Long Island NY
06 v6 mustang

is any wobble acceptable? should it be immovable?

I ask because i am chasing a really annoying wheel vibration when over 50mph

I had a balance at costco last week
i had an alignment last week
i replaced the front strut assemblies
inner and out tie rods replaced
front control arms replaced with GT500 control arms
sway bar bushings replaced with urethane
sway bar links replaced
just replaced the driver side hub bearing assembly.
even replaced rear control arms and shocks...just for good measure.

tire still shakes. a little. when off the ground. if a little back and forth is normal then fine. but still shakes like a mofo going over 45mph

could rim be slightly bent? i am not seeing it.
bad balancing?

only has very slight play back and forth.. not up and down. thats solid

did i just replace the front hub bearings for nothing? Have 193K on it so figured probably not at its peak freshness anyway. The passenger side bearing was definitely in need of replacing though.

I'm running out of things to replace. lol
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David Young

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Sep 16, 2012
Clinton, Tennessee
My guess is...…...You need to tighten up the wheel bearing or your lug nuts are bottomed out making you think they are tight but they aren't . Just my guess :)


May 7, 2004
Long Island NY
I had costco rebalance them and its like 85% better. Road force balance usually fixed everything but spent that money on new spider gears and bearing/seals for the rear axle thats leaking.
looking like a bad balance which is why i normally do road force balance on this car. my 2015 doesn't seem to need it. Probably due to my dad smacking it into the curb several times when pulling my 06 out of the driveway back when i lived at home.

honestly, i don't feel like doing anything else. too hot out.
just replaced my girlfriends focus radiator and evaporator.
my friends 07 sway bar links and rear control arms.
my 15 needs rear brakes..which are sitting in the trunk.
i need a break. lol

the front hub bearings were pretty easy thank god. for once something went smoothly.
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