Wolfgang wax

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  1. anyone try wolfgang's wax or any of their other products?
  2. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first 100 to repsond to their offer. For $10.00 you received the $50.00 kit they now sell, all you had to do was email them with your honest opinion about the product. I love it, not quite as much as i love Blackfire and Platinum better. However, the ease of use Wolfgang offers is unsurpassed.....Its extremely easy to use, offers great visual benefits, mild swirl removal, and long lasting protection....A good buy at $50.00 a kit....
  3. thanks for the response. im using meguiars nxt right now. i like the way it makes my car look, it's ease of use is very impressive, but it dont last! ive gotta wax my car every 2 weeks.
  4. Nocar, this is what im learning too...Were having a big debate over at Autopia about it.....Some are getting 2-3 months out of it, i dont know how but they are...Some, like yourself are getting a week or two.....I just broke my NXT virginity last weekend so we will see what the verdict is shorlty...Im not expecting anything great thats for sure.....
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    I have heard nothing but good reviews of WG, I have not given it a try yet.
  6. ive read nothing but good reviews on it. very easy to use, makes the paint look perfect, durability is disappointing. i may have a bad "batch" if there is such a thing, i dont know. i dont think i should have to wax my car every 2 weeks either, monthly is a must in my opinion. im thinking of trying either wolfgang or pinacle. im just starting to research these products.
  7. Wolfgang is a great product, and I wasnt making reference to it....