Wondering how many

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  1. I may have an chance to buy a 70 convert. It is Black with a White Top and a Red Interior. 351 Auto. Just wondering if anyone has any idea how many were made in that combo. It is an original low milage (50k) car.

    Also, any ideas on what to expect to pay?

  2. Find out if the seller has a Marti Report.If so have them show it to you. It will tell you how many were made that way. If they do not, you could always get one before or after a purchase.

    It is hard to say what the right price should be without seeing pics. 70 verts are relatively rare, but they generally do not do as well as the 65/66 convertibles.

    Odd color combo, but I bet it is nice.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep you updated if they decide to sell the car.