Wondering if anyone uses Engine Treatments?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JimboJonesShow, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. I just went to Checker/Kragen Auto Parts and saw this add for Duralube.
    I was wondering if anyone has used any of these products in there cars, and if they really work, their websites say they do but u know how they are.
    Duralube, Prolong, Motorkote, you know what I am talking about

    Some of these products claim horsepower gain like motorkote, look at their site.

    Has anyone ever used these? or do they work or is it a gimmick?

    Jimbo Jones
    2004 Mystichrome Cobra
    30,900 miles everyday driver
    Borla Cat Back Exhaust.
  2. Snake oils? Not a chance.
  3. There is only one engine treatment that truly works and that is "Seafoam". Try it, you will not be dissapinted. It is a carbon deposit cleaner that works wonders. Dissconnect the vacuum line from the PVC vaulve and suck up the entire can into the intake. Let it sit a while and then start the car. Your car will put on a sick smoke show as it cleans all the crap out. Then go drive it. Go WOT as soon as possible.
    You will notice that you have better throttle response, smoother acceleration, and a smoother idle. You might think you gained HP but your just getting back lost performance. You can get it at autozone. Best $5 i ever spent. :nice:
  4. Snake oils? Not a chance in hell.
  5. Well I like all that snake oil commentary, but I wish to thank cobra2798

    I just bought that seafoam stuff and put it in, It does feel smoother
    I also bought Prolong and put it into the engine

    I will update you later

    Jimbo Jones
  6. can anyone give me more detail on that seafoam stuff. a lot of people i know used it on their vehicles and swear by that stuff. So you just pour it in, and how long do you wait to start the car? How long does the smoke show go for? Id really hate to piss off the neighbors :lol:
  7. You put Prolong in your engine !! :lol:

    You can't be that stupid....................
  8. You can pour it in your gas tank or in the crankcase, but the best way to do it is to suck it through the PVC vacuum line striaght into the intake. You'll need two people for that. It says to let it sit for 5min. but do more like 15min. Start the car. You might need someone to hold open the throttle while you crank it. there will be a lot of smoke for like 10 min. and the neighbors might not like it. You might want to do it at night or in a parking lot. You will need to hold the rpm's up around 2000 to keep the car running for a minute or two. After that take the car out and go WOT as soon as possible to clean it out. You'll feel the difference.
  9. No problem dude :nice: Did you do it through the vacuum line?
  10. Red Line oil is all the additive I need.
  11. Cool, thanks! sounds pretty easy except for the smoke part. I might have to take it to the one road where I do "test runs" on. :D

    View attachment 503715 Here is a pic of our neighborhood. Bunch of old people who own Infinitis and lexus' live around here, so owning all the cars we do already piss them off. 2k rpm (my car is decent loud) with smoke sounds like it would just please them. :rlaugh:
  12. Does this "seafoam" gunk up in the engine? I mean it cleans out but does it 100% burn out?
  13. If the smoke show is any sign of what it is doing i would say that there aint any gunk left in the engine.