Wondering if K&N is worth it?

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  1. I heard from the SVT dealership here in las vegas that the K and N air filter is not good for the cobra because the air filter has oil particles that seep into the threads of the air sensors in the cobra. These sensors for the air flow on the new stock air intake systems will dry up after oil has been exposed to them and the hot summer heat eventually contributes to the problem and makes these air sensors hard. Therefore the cobra stock intake cannot tell how much air to regulate. Do you understand what i am saying.

    This is a very convincing argument that the dealership gave me, and now I do not want to use the K &N or the Fram Air Hog. I want to use paper.

    So my question is, that is this true? or is the dealership pulling a fast one, cause this is a convincing argument.

    Please respond

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  2. I think its safe as long as its not OVER oiled.
    A JLT or K&N fipk would help big time on blower cars.

    Uncle Meat will agree.........
  3. Your dealers concerns are a little misguided. They didn't tell you some BS story about the K&N filter voiding your warranty did they?

    Yes there have been problems with the MAF electronics on some cars that utilize an oiled type gauze filter (such as the K&N). These problems were always caused by the owner though, not by the filter itself. The gauze type oiled filters are designed to be reusable and people don't follow the directions correctly when cleaning and re-oiling the filter. They end up applying way too much oil on the gauze after its been cleaned. This extra oil eventually gets sucked into the MAF and it coats the MAF sensor which can cause it to send erroneous signals to the ECM.

    There is nothing wrong with using a K&N on your car, just make sure you service it correctly when the time comes. Brand new out of the box K&N filters are factory oiled. Many people just throw them away and replace them versus re-oiling and re-using them when they get dirty.

  4. yep, ruined a maf on my old t-bird that way. for 50 bucks, depending on where you live, I would say it is worth it. the maf can be cleaned if careful, but if you just are sparingly with the oil should last a long time.
  5. Yeh for $40-50, I think I will just buy a new one once I've put about 25k miles on mine. K&N claims it's good for up to 50k before needing cleaned, but I think it depends on where you live. If in west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, etc., I'd say sooner.
  6. Just go with the JLT and say late.
  7. :shrug: Did you mean to say "Later"? :rolleyes:

    The JLT CAI/RAI utilizes filters made by S&B not K&N. The S&B filter is an oiled gauze type filter just like the K&N so the problem is not alleviated just by going with a JLT if that's what you're trying to imply.

  8. Thanks Uncle Meat

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