Wondering what Header to buy?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JimboJonesShow, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Many people have told me that long headers are much better than shorties but they do not provide enough ground clearance. Can someone tell me what brand is the best and why type of headers to buy.

    Also mechanics have told me I have to change my CAM because of the backflow of oxygen, will just installing the headers mess up my cobra, or should I also get a new cam as well.

    Jimbo Jones
    2004 Mystichrome Cobra 30,526 miles
    Borla Cat Back Exhaust
  2. No need to change cams when installing headers so tell those mechanics they need to go back to school! A different cam could possibly make better use of the additional scavenging effect headers have over stock manifolds, but a cam change is in no way necessary. The real question is, why do you want to put headers on your snake? The stock manifolds on an 03/04 Cobra are good for well over 500RWHP. They actually flow very well for stock cast iron manifolds. Headers for the 03/04 are expensive, a major pain in the ass to install, and provide very little "bang for the buck" on our cars. The only reason I have a set of JBA shorty's on my car is because the engine had already been removed to have the drivers side head replaced, so it was a perfect time to have them installed easily. Otherwise I wouldn't have headers now myself.

    If you are hell bent on getting headers Bassani makes some very nice ones (mid-sized) for the 03/04's. I went with the JBA shorty's only because they were the only C.A.R.B. certified headers available and being so my dealer stated they wouldn't void my warranty.

  3. Hey Uncle,

    Thanks a lot for the great info, you just saved me a lot of money. I am glad there is someone like you that know something about cobras. I have been to my dealership and numerous shops here in Vegas and in California and none of them know anything about the newer cobras, but they know a hell of a lot about the older ones.

    Thanks again, now I can invest some more money for a new pully.

    Jimbo Jones
  4. I have to totally agree with Uncle Meat on this one..we have done many many 03/04 Cobras and headers are not a necessary mod on a moderately modded car. I still think there is lacking data on high boost after market blowered cars but it is said that they benefit from headers.We have not seen that and on the Whippled cars we have done none had headers but one and he had the lowest HP of all the others with the same size blower pulley. I guess you can form your own conclusions.
  5. I also wouldn't put too much faith in what those mechanics told you since your engine has more than just one cam.