Wondering Which Mustang To Buy?!

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  1. just got rid of my audi not to long ago (thank god it was horribile to deal with) and just bought a suv to be the leading car of the house since i now have a family. im hoping in the near feature maybe a year or so since im going on deployment soon in buying a 5.0 mustang i have always been into muscle cars manily the older ones espically the 5.0 series and was wondering what year you guys reccomend...
    im hoping to do work on it not just keep it as a daily driver right now i have a baby girl and a son on the way and was considering as they get old enough to give it to one of them and make it a project car so basically i want one that is open to mods both exterier and interior i want a good model right away and littile by littile start adding more and more stuff into it... any advice is fine or opinions open to it all thanks in advance...
  2. I have owned a 65, 66, 83, 88, two 89's, two 90's. and now my 94. They were all fun. All modifiable cars. I went crazy with my first 90 and had a lot of fun with it. The parts were readily available and fairly cheap. Now it seems the aftermarket has fizzled out a bit and is favoring the new Mustangs. One thing I am noticing is there aren't as many parts available for my 94 as there are the other years. But even so it is still my favorite of the bunch. It handles better, is built better, and is just a really fun car to drive.

    I would suggest whatever you decide you try to find one that looks to have been owned by adults. Don't buy one with a bunch of stuff done to it unless you know the history of the car a little. Check for oil leaks before you buy it. Get it on a lift. See what is going on and what has been done under the car. Look it over real good.

    I love my 94. I see fewer 5.0 SN95 Mustangs on the road than any other Mustang. I knew I was going to buy it as soon as I started it up. It was dirty, interior parts were broken and missing, and it will need a new convertible top soon. But I looked past that. I saw a car that had been well cared for at one time. It didn't have many mods at all. And it appeared to be dirty because it was driven down a dirt road for the past few years. I have since cleaned the interior and engine bay, replaced a few parts in the dash and trunk, and I am slowly fixing it up piece by piece.

    What I would suggest is look at the aftermarket stores. See what's available for the various years. That may give you an idea of what you want to buy. I have never owned a 4.6 Mustang. I have owned a 5.4 F-150. All I gotta say is I feared ever having to work on that thing. My 5.0... I could tear the top end down and put it back together in my sleep.

    I hope this helps. Good luck in your decision, and your deployment. God bless all you guys and stay safe!
  3. Yeah the 94 and 95 have a smaller aftermarket since it only ran 2 model yrs. it's hard to find an unmolested fox mustang it seems also. I think if I get a new one I think I'd get a mid 00 if I could find one for the right price. Although my wife's 5.4 expe is a nightmare to work on. If you wanna go faster for cheaper buy a Chevy. However my 95 gt has been in the fam since early 96. Dad was 2nd owner he bought it w 15k mi and put over 300k mi before the rebuild and it never had any major probs and was still running fair before build