Wonders happen at the track....

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  1. So i finnaly took the trash talking guy to the track. The one that made fun of my NOS seat covers. I found him again tonight and ran him down there. It seems that nitrous will do wonders for a car of my build. Ive got a great low end with the 4.10s and the nitrous keeps me from losing up top. But, to get to the point. He has a 2003 Honda accord v6 6 speed coupe. I had him by at least 3-4 by the end of the quarter although i do have to admit he would pass me if we kept going. He kills me even with nitrous in top end battles. My times are a little bit weary right now because im not used to push button yet but ill get it. It seems that if i push it at 4000 rpms instead of 3000 in first gear it does me a little better. I don't get as much of a kick but it seems to be faster that way. Although the best part of the night was when my friends 1992 volvo station wagon took a 2001 pontiac trans am...easy. This car had the loudest exhaust i ever heard from one...and he got torn by a turbo 4 volvo station wagon....lol. Then again, the station wagon was pushing like 13-15 pounds of boost and ran like a 13.3 quarter. But, thats all besides the point. Its a volvo station wagon! All in all, a good night. And oh yeah, i got it all on video. :D

    p.s. here are some pics of my new setup.

  2. Couple of Questions for ya?

    1. Why are you using black line versus the nice Aluminum/Braided line? It looks as if the line in the picture are rubber and may give a little.

    2. If I am not mistaken, the nozzle is supposed to be mounted only 4-6 inches in front of the Throttle Body? Why is the nozzle mounted where you have it.

    3. If you were to get a RPM window switch versus the button, you could have it set up to spray at a beginning RPM so that you can concentrate on shifting versus holding the button.

    Okay thanks for the input and infromation.
  3. 1. That is aluminum braided line. I just have some plastic covers over it to distract people.

    2. The sheer lagistics of it made me mount it where i did. The line was really long as you can see in the pics so i mounted it another 2 inches back. its only about 7-8 inches. Its not that big of a deal.

    3. The whole point of this kit was that i got it for 300 bucks. I like the push button because (mods u probably wanna stop reading here) if im ahead on the street and i don't need nitrous to win, i won't waste it. (Once again, stangnet does not condone street racing and i haven't participated in these actions as of yet and i do not plan to. Only precautions). :D
  4. Again that is what an on/off switch is for! You don't need it you don't turn it on! Duh!

    I can see a thread now,

    "Blew up my engine, What happened?"
  5. In reply to that...but i won't know if i need it until the race is already going. If they are behind me and i havent even started spraying i won't. But if they are close or im worried, then i can. I can always buy a new engine :D

    P.S. i measured the distance of the line today. It is 5.75" straight away from the throttlbe body. With the curve its like 7.10".
  6. So again, there instructions state between 4-6" from the throttle body. You are not installing it correctly and really loosing the fine mist of nitrous/fuel and thus will be adding more fuel than nitrous since it will evaporate quickly. I would suggest reinstalling it in the correct position about 5" from the throttle body!

    Again, the flip of a switch in the compartment is not that hard to do if you are loosing at the strip!
  7. Well it doesn't say it can't be directly 6 inches. If u put a ruler on the throttle body then move it to the nitrous solenoid, there is less then 6 inches. I didnt base my measurements on the curve of the cai tube. Now you may be right, but i would really like some hard evidence to back up this one. I doubt im losing much if anything from the position its in now.
  8. Well if it is supposed to be 4 to 6 inches from the TB, is that from the lip or the butterfly of the TB or what?? and also the bend in the CAI tubing is a good point how does that affect the distance you place the nozzle from the TB. If you measure from the inside bend as opposed to the outside bend what is the difference in distance?? This distance thing is a little subjective to me??

    I don't usually mess with nitrous a whole lot so this is good info for me in case I ever want to mess with it at the track;)
  9. Well, my nitrous is working fine...so im not too worried about the distance honestly....if it messes up, ill see if thats why.
  10. Yeah but if it messes up and it blows your engine, who is the smart one here? I mean if you are trying to blow it up, drain the oil and go for a ride. It would be much easier to now when it was going to happen?
  11. Well im not intentionally blowing up my engine. I just don't think the placement of my nozzle is neccisarily bad.
  12. Where do you run the line for the fuel?
  13. It is coming off the shrader valve on the passenger side fuel rail. That is the best thing about the 99+ cars and nitrous, a few hours and you can have an extremely clean and professionally install!