wont rev past 3000rpm?

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  1. ok i have a 1993 mustang. it wont rev past 3000rpm's, it will hit it and fall flat on its face. my exhaust is really black. ran codes and got a few sensors that came up. replaced them still have same problem. so far timing is dead on, replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, fue pressure regulator, iac, tps, relay box on pass fender, mass air unit(3 times still comes up with code for it), both coil packs, spark plugs(3 times), changed oil, new gas, changed bap/map sensor, crank sensor, plug wires, basically the entire motor is new but the block. but it still hits 3000 rpm and bogs down like it got too much fuel or not enough air? also has new exhaust with no cats. im stumped need help asap.
  2. Usually a low power at higher rpm situation is MAF related. You say you've replaced the MAF sensor 3 times and still get a code for it.....?
    What is the code number?

    Depending on the specific code, you might have to test the wiring between the MAF and ECM. There's also a chance the plug-in is bad, since Ford had a recall on some of them.

    I'd test the plug-in next with an ohmmeter, by probing the plug pins and the wires. I use straight pins stuck into the wires to do this, to keep the insulation intact. If you find an open in one of the circuits, then splicing in a new plug should fix it......
  3. checked it out, everything looks good, do u think my ecus gone south?
  4. Well, it might be a bad ECU, but they usually trigger a code or give a no-start situation.

    What's strange is that you've replaced the MAF, and still get a MAF related code?
    I'd erase the code, drive it and see if the same code returns.
    Post the code number and we'll see if we can try to figure it out......