Won't spin tires

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  1. Have a friend who has a brand new 2009 Shelby 500. I took a ride in it with him and he punched the throttle all the way to the floor at about 10mph and the tires won't even spin. Car accelerates pretty good but you would think tires would brake loose real good with the torque this car makes. Traction control is not truned on. Is this some kind programing to try to keep from damaging parts on car. We also have a friend who has a 2007 Shelby and this car if you do the same thing the car is all over the road spinning the tires. Has any one else have this year 2009 Shelby run across this same thing or does yours spin the tires with no problem. We are trying to figure is this normal for this year or does he have some kind of problem.:rolleyes:
  2. sounds like the TCS is on. if the light is off, the the TCS is on.
  3. The factory ECU adjusts itself according to your typical driving style. If he's been doing lots of long freeway drives, it may be used to more gradual acceleration.

    Reset the ECU by unplugging the battery from the car. Do some SPIRITED driving around town for twenty minutes to half an hour. Then try! :)
    (You don't need to reset the ECU... It'll just go a whole lot quicker if you do)

    These may be stupid questions, but hey, gotta make sure!

    Did you click the "TCS OFF" button?
    Are you in first gear?
    Are you STOMPING the gas to the floor?
  4. hey well i had a friend that bought a new 07 and idk if its true or not but he told me that the car was programmed to break in at 500 mi before the supercharger kicked in???? is it true?? i dont know but it might be....might have to ask ford tech
  5. He said it was a "brand new" 09 GT500. The 07-up GT500's are programmed from the factory to not provide much boost (if any) for the first few hundred miles or so to allow proper break-in, but it is more likely to avoid people mistreating the car during test drives.

    I recommend checking the owner's manual, follow the recommended shakedown procedure, and then burn rubber.
  6. The boost is off for the first 5 miles or 20 minutes which ever comes first or something like that. The cars take a little time to break in mine has just over 4000 miles and it keeps getting stronger every day. It spins the tires in first and sencond just fine.

    Now the real good stuff. by just adding a tune you can gain around 40-50 more HP.

    I installed a JLT cold air and a set of Magnaflows and I got 515 to the rear wheels.

    when you figure the car comes in at around 500 at the engine by the time you subtract the drag from the trans and other driveline parts. You get close to the 440ish range at the wheels. Some cars are always hotter mine was an exception. I got close to 460 with my first dyno with just the magnaflows and nothing else.