wont start back up after drive will start on cold start up


New Member
Dec 27, 2019
Heres the problem, i can go out on a cold start and my car hesitates a bit but starts, if i drive around 20/30 mins and shut my car off it wont crank until i wait 30-45mins. Had my starter and battery check its good. I change the fuel rail sensor (had a code for that). I can here my fuel pump when i turn the key, and after I changed the spark plugs it cranks up after every stop for about 3 days. I originally had a code for a bad evap canister and purge valve. Now i have the p0148 for fuel delivery problems.
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New Member
Jul 30, 2012
Have you changed your fuel filter lately? I've had similar problems on a car and a boat. After you drive a while "stuff" packs tight on filter element and restricts flow. After is sits a while the "stuff" falls away and engine can get gas again. It can also happen to the filter sock on the fuel pump or fuel pick-up in the tank.