Electrical Wont start, Clutch-Starter Switch?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by borofkad, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hi, my 2000 gt has been having problems starting lately, i usually just have to turn the key a few times and then it will start. Well last night that wasn't working. The only way my friend and I got the car to start was to push it and pop the clutch to start it. Do you think bypassing the clutch starter switch would fix my problem? I know thats not very safe but i don't have the money for a new switch at the moment. Someone also suggested it could be my alarm, but if the alarm was the problem I don't think popping the clutch would have started the car. Someone please help.
  2. I think it may be time to replace the starter.
  3. its not the starter.
  4. Well it could be something with your alarm system/and or ignition switch..but every mustang that i had if i had to get a push and pop the clutch to start it..it was the starter. Do you have to push the clutch pedal to the floor to start it? also when you turn the key can you hear a click or you hear nothing? Have you tried adjusting the rod on the clutch starter switch? so it will start without pushing the pedal to the floor? It just may need adjusting.
  5. When you say it wont start, is it cranking and not firing or does it not crack at all? What exactly is it doing? I mean it could be as simple as a dead battery to something much more involved as an ignition switch, neutral safety switch, etc...
  6. no its not cranking at all. Battery is fine. All my lights and my radio still turn on. Im also going to check my starter solenoid and see if that might be the problem. Sorry for leaving that out. If that battery was dead i would never jump straight to the clutch switch lol
  7. Do you hear the starter click when you try to start it?
  8. No clicking. It used to click just once when I would turn the key, but no there is no click at all
  9. It's the starter or solenoid ..what year is your mustang?
  10. It's the starter.
  11. Yea I'd bet its starter too, I have a 01 bullitt and the starter just went it did click everytime I turned the key but didn't crank. Maybe the starter went and after keep trying to start it your solenoid went as well. I was wishing it wasn't the starter since its a PITA to get out esp w headers but it ended up being it..i left the top starter bolt out.
  12. Ill check that out this weekend, ill let you guys know how it goes.