Won't start. Flooding. Carb?

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  1. sorry I thought your carb had an external adjustment. But I think you may have adjusted the fuel level to far down.go back up a pinch

    Before you had to much fuel. Now you dont have enough.

    Here is some information from another forum on getting that float right. Hope this helps

    After you have the brass seat properly installed in the fuel bowl, set the float in the bowl as it would sit once finished. Take your finger and gently push on the float tang so that the needle seats. The other end of the float will raise up. You want to take the measurement while keeping it pushed like that. The distance to measure is from the raised end of the float (the point right before it curves down to form the side), and the top machined surface of the bowl, where the air horn gasket rests (the measurement is vertical). Use the little cardboard ruler that comes with the kit.

    To dial in the height, bend the float tang appropriately until you've got it nailed. Don't be alarmed if you have to adjust it some, since the rebuild kit could have a taller\shorter seat than the original did. Also, don't forget to snap the float retainer back in place when you're done
  2. Do you have an update. You must have it straitened out by now.
  3. How is this comming along? I see it's been a while. With your updates, I suspect something was not put back together correctly in the carburetor or it was not cleaned well enough during the rebuild. If your up to a road trip, bring that carburetor up to Fayetteville, NC with a kit and we will get her set for you. No money, just beer:)
  4. Thanks everyone for the tips and offers of assistance. Sorry for no updates in a while but I needed a weekend off.
    Here is the latest, I called in professional help. After checking all the basics, firing, firing order, timing, ect. He pulled carb and discovered hairline crack in the base. I celebrated. At least now I knew what the problem was... Or so I thought. Replaced carb, everything set to spec, getting fuel correctly and not too much. Still have same issue. So, unless someone has any idea what I'm missing, we're gonna look at the push rods today. I really didn't want to have to go there but me and my mechanic are at a loss otherwise.
  5. Put a fuel pressure guage on and check the pressure when cranking. I have also seen an issue with a new condensor. I had a new one bad out of the box. Try replacing it or having it checked.