Engine Wont start.. Help!!!!

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  1. Hi

    My uncle owns a 2000 v6 mustang and he asked me to do wires and plugs and oil change today. Well I changed everything and when we went to start it wouldn't crank over. FYI the spark plugs looked like they haven't had been changed for years, gab was like above 70!!! Also wasn't idling normal. I double checked all my work and didn't find anything out of the normal. Spark plugs gab at .52 and wires are in order. I checked the coil for spark and found that only 3 wires had spark very lil at that.. So I went ahead and changed it, checked the fuel cut off switch also and it was fine. Tried again to start felt like it was then it died, Tried again and it just cranks and kinda wants to start but nothing.. I hooked up a Actron obd 2 scanner and it wont read a damn code..What am I missing here.. Plz help Im running out of ideas...

    Tomorrow gonna charge battery because seemed a lil low and spray carb cleaner in tb...
  2. Could be the Camshaft sensor or you may have unplug or pulled something loose something by mistake when you did the work. It also can be the fuel pump.
  3. well if it was running before you did all that and your certain you have the gap right on the plugs, then id say it has to be that the wires are out of order , has too . the firing order for 3.8s is 142536

    ill try to make a diagram of the coil , the number one plug on the coil is on the passenger side closest to the exhaust.

    P firewall ^ D

    plug1 /plug2 /plug3
    plug5 /plug6 /plug4

    front of car

    and for cylinder location.

    P D

    3 6
    2 5
    1 4

    front of car

    i hope that comes out right when i hit reply , it might not , but id defiantly go over that again , cause the symptoms your descriding sound lke mixed up plug wires , the coil is not 123456 , its 123564 , alot of people make that mistake
  4. also make sure that plug that goes into the back of the coil is pushed on ALL THE WAY! , and also it says in the haynes manual that the best spark plug for the 3.8 is Motorcraft AWSF-44PP @ 0.052 inches
  5. ditto what kramer said... i did my daughter's intake gaskets on her 2000 vert and it wouldn't crank.. finally rechecked the coil and found the plug wasn't plugged in good... make sure the connector "pops" or clicks when you connect it... motorcraft are probably the best plugs, but i run NGK in two mustangs and they run fine, also...