Engine Won't Start Unless Timing Is Advanced

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Larringt, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. I have a On3 Turbo setup with a stock block 306 , Dart Iron heads and Trickflow intake.. I'm finished with the build and my car won't start unless we advance the timing..

    Anyone had this problem.. ? Any ideas what I should try?
  2. Timing advanced in relation to what? Are you talking in advance of the 10 degrees (checked with a light) that it should be at when you stab the dizzy, or are you talking about the position of the TFI in relation to what it was before?

    If it's the latter then I would suggest that you have the distributor stabbed in the wrong position.
  3. As mentioned above, assuming you're actually using a timing light and have the SPOUT connector pulled out, your timing might also be off if your harmonic balancer is coming apart and has slipped. My turbo actually killed mine pretty rapidly -- if you still have the stock HB you might take a look at it and consider a replacement / upgrade. Lots of other possibilities, like excessively rich mixture which will only ignite with advanced timing. Do yourself a BIG favor and have someone professionally tune your car -- otherwise the turbo makes it a ticking time-bomb.
  4. Thanks guys.. I do have a stock HB but I'll check and .. And my plan is to have it tuned but I wanted to make sure it will reliably start first.