Won't Start When Hot And

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  1. Hi I have a 95 gt and it won't start when it is warmed up and if u leave it running it will stall out if u let it sit when I run into the store. I was told to change the pick up coil or ignition control module. What do u guys think
  2. I'd say change 'em both, mine eventually died under its own heat even though it's remote from the distributor. It's hard to reliably test either component, and in my experience when one goes, the other isn't far behind. Probably cheaper than a tow.

    There could be other reasons it might not start when warm. One common one is if you have bigger injectors than stock and are using a matched MAF sensor and not a tune. This doesn't adjust for the amount of fuel the car gets when it's cranking (cranking pulsewidth), and so you get too much fuel when it's hot and it doesn't want to start until it cools off. I had this problem with 36lb. injectors, the bigger the injectors the bigger the problem. This might not apply to you, but there probably aren't that many SN95's left without at least some mods over the years.
  3. Ya this on is bone stock for now I just bought it even has the stock exhaust
  4. You should do a basic tune-up (plugs, wires, cap rotor, PCV, filters and clean the MAF). Next spend $22 on an OBDI code reader so you can see what trouble codes the ECU has logged. While you are waiting for the reader to arrive remove and clean the battery to engine and engine to chassis grounds. These maintenance things may well resolve the dying/stalling issue. In addition it gives you a baseline upon which reasonable diagnostics can begin.