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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingTurtle, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. I have a 2000 V6 Stang and there have never really been any major problems with it that I know of (I wasn't the first owner.) But yesterday when I went to start it, it didn't. The power was on but the engine wouldn't turn over, or even really do anything. Then after trying it a few times the power completely went off. My battery meter on the dash says that I have more than 3/4 power... but we tried jumping it anyway. When we did, it started for a minute but then died again. I am pretty sure its the origional battery that came with the car so could that be it? There's a ton of corrosion all over the positive terminal and we tried cleaning that off and it didn't really do anything. I've also been told it could be the alternator.

    What do you all think? Could it be anything else? Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. I know the perfect guy to help you out, his names Toadstang I think :scratch: Just becareful he is use to four bangers and may leave off two of your plug wires :D

    Just playing :) Anyways once a car starts its no longer running off the battery, it switches over to the altenator. I would make sure those battery cables are very clean if you don't got your machanic there to help ya and you don't want to get dirty ( but what fun would that be lol) get your self a Coke Cola not a diet either. Just pure it on the cables slowly and it will clean it enough. Now you know why I don't drink cokes :rolleyes:

    Now since you got the car started I really don't think its the battery. I would get a volt meter and messure the battery volts, with the car off/key off it sould be 12 volt. Then jump the car off and messure the volts again, with the car on it should be 14.7 volts or close to that. There is a method of checking without a meter but its hard on the altentator. If the car running has less than 14.7 volts like as low as 10-12 the altenator is junk.

    P.S. If the altenator is bad and been draining the battery like it sounds I would go ahead and replace the battery also. Now only do this after you know the alt is bad :)

    P.S.S hows Toad's car running now that you two machanics replaced the head gasket :nice:
  3. Cool, thank you! I really hope it's just the battery, though :-\

    And Toadstang DID help me :p I happened to be at his house when it broke down and it was his car I was trying to jump it to. I don't think he feels comfortable working on my car though because he's afraid he's going to mess something up (Even though I'm sure if he'd do fine). So I took it to a shop this morning. Well, it got towed... which is definately depressing to watch :( Anyway, I was just wondering what it could be because I don't want them to call me up with some huge number I have to pay by surprise. And I'd also like to know what they're talking about when they explain what's wrong with it. :)
  4. His car is great! It runs so much nicer than it did before. I drove it and it doesnt drag nearly as much as it did before. He (We!) cleaned the entire thing out really well and it looks great too. :)
  5. Well I'm glad his car is better now :)

    As for him and your car, he just needs to get in there and take a stab at it :D You only truely learn through experience :nice: I really want to say the Altenator is bad but you never know sometimes its the simple things that bugs ya :( I changed a Air sensor on my SVO and forgot to clamp the air hose to the motor down and it made a huge vaccum leak and wouldn't idle. It was the most simplest deal but I was stumpt for a day lol