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  1. Just had my 86 gt out for a ride ran great. I parked it for 10 minutes or so and now it won't start just keeps cranking over. Rpm's don't move sounds electrical right? Any ideas, this car is mass air with msd 6al and separate boost retard box. Had points changed last summer on distributor and ignition module has less than 1000 miles on it... Help!!!!
  2. Follow the crank but won't start checklist. You sure you have points in your distributor? Those went out in the 70's.
  3. Can you hear your fuel pump prime? Are you getting spark? How is your fuel pressure (assuming your fuel pump is priming) at the rails?
  4. There not really points but inside the distributir is a small electronic piece tgst is like points. It went bad last year had to replace it. I have fuel pressure at my gage in the car. Gonna mess with some things today. Hopefully its nothing big
  5. Really wierd just went outside and car started right up. This makes me nervous cause now i wont now what happened, at any given time it could happen again.. We will have to see
  6. sounds like your TFI or PIP is going bad. Again. run the checklist.
  7. I know, got this cheap ass tfi module, just bought a ford motorcraft one cant go wrong with oem parts.... Thanks everybody
  8. Those crappy aftermarket TFI's fail and you good decision going with the Ford unit. make sure you grease the back side of the TFI with a thin film of the proper dielectric grease- Quicksilver is one which Radio Shack sells. Do not use the stuff you put on spark plug boots.
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  9. No info about you mods, EFI or carb, no mods listed. Makes it hard to troubleshoot when we don't know what you have.

    That's why it is a good idea to use the sig under the user control panel (User CP) option. It allows you to post your car year & mods, which help greatly when troubleshooting things. No, it is not there for us to snoop and see any "Secrets" you have hidden away under the hood. Be a good stangnetter and update you sig for future reference & don't keep us guessing.
  10. Sorry wasnt thinking, 302, rebuilt, canfield heads, custom grind cam .630 lift, typhoon intake, pro-m 75mm, 30 lb injectors,, msd6al w boost retard. Vortech v1 6 lbs of boost. I bought a new ignition mod. A motorcraft one. I have bought accel ones before they blow...
  11. I had mine up to date, but I guess the Garage was taken off :p