Engine Wont Turn Over

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by GreenGt87, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone heres my issue...

    one day car starts next it does not...brand new starter cuz i thought was the issue it wasnt ..starter turns maybe half way sounds as if battery dies but still pulling 12.4 nothing wrong with internals took pan off looked at everything heads off a-ok... this all started when for some reason my throttle cable seemed to be pulling current.. it melted and snapped i replaced it and still no starting but still pulling current..is this why my car isnt starting ..it is a 88 gt 302 bored 60 over 650 carb b303 cam.once again all fine till this current thing happen ...thanks for all the future info !
  2. It sounds like at least part of your issue is bad grounds. There should not be current going through a throttle cable. Check for the ground from the back top of the motor to the firewall and trace the negative battery cable to the body ground and to the engine block. After that, search on here for jrichker's will not start write up. It will go into great detail on what to check and how.
  3. well not to sure what the problem is still but after putting the oil pan back on value covers and moving a ground wire up lil higher seem to start just fine ...the starter seems to have a odd noise to it but thats a simple fix i can figure out im sure thatnks for the reply 7991LX