Woo hoo, the car runs

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by bhuff30, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. After nearly a whole year of no fun, the 88 runs again. Last winter or so, the poor a4ld gave up the ghost, so I rebuilt a C4, and didn't even get it running right before finding rod knock in february and parking it for a while.
    Well, I rebuilt the engine, and it lives again. There are certainly plenty of small problems to work out, but it runs great.
    So far, I've only been running 10psi since it is so fresh still. It feels dang good though. It will squirm a little in 1st, and on the 1-2 shift (around 50mph) it will make the speedo jump 5-8 mph. Feels like about 200hp.

    I'll have to continue working out the bugs, but I test fit the 06 GT wheels on. It looks like they will work great. I've also got a set of stock 4cyl springs I'll replace the chopped 99+ springs with. That should really help the ride, and give it more bite on the ground in streight lines. BTW, anyone have a reference for the stock ride height? I'd hate to put these springs in, and see it sitting taller than stock because of some weight loss.
  2. Sweet, glad you got her up and running....down time sucks!
  3. i recently fired mine up for the first time also...what sucks as much as the down time is the break in. I really want to know what it will do but i want to make sure it goes through the proper break in. But with the Ported head and essy 2277 cam and straight 3" DP i get the evil Eye when driving around. So im taking it this week end to get the bullet put on Anyway good luck with yours.....
  4. Good news man, happy to see her back on her feet :nice: