Roush Woo hoo!

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  1. MARCUS! You blinded me for liiiifffeee!!!

  2. Faleen at its finest!!!!
  3. I couldn't help myself. If you look at the posted questions it appears Sal has already called him on it.
  4. It's soooooooo obvious to anyone that knows Saleens that this is NOT one. The guy was really dumb if he bought it under the impression it was. Some people are either so naive or just plain ignorant.
  5. Here was my question to the seller:

    Could you please remove the calling of your car a Saleen as it is not one. Thank you, Mike C. President, Saleen Club of America
  6. Mike,

    Do you really think that will help??? It's not like you know anything about Saleen Mustangs or that you are the president of our club or anything. :shrug: :D

    This guy is in La La land.
  7. Actually, that comment wasn't sent in by me. I sent one in, but the first one was not mine. Might be the guy who's car is the feature car in the Saleen book for 1996...
  8. I may not know how to wash a car, but I know a fake purple Saleen on Ebay when I see one :D

    They said they were waiting on verification, so I went ahead and verified it for them as a pure 100% Mustang GT :)
  9. Mike,

    Sorry to correct you but that Mustang GT is no longer PURE!

  10. Well,

    I had a 50/50 shot.
  11. I would say he misspelled his user ID name. He put an "a" instead of an "o"
    in MORON.
  12. I believe this was STEVE'S personal car back in 1996 when he lived in the trailer park in SANTA ANA,CALIF. They were busy improving the S351 back then and probably didn't have time to serialize that car!!! Could be a 1 of 1. Looks like it has the prototype STERN 2-PIECE wheels on it!!! I'am pretty sure I'am right about this one guys!!!! They used the remaining paint on SAL'S CAR. :bs:

  13. HA ha ha haa haaaa. LMAO
  14. Don't forget Shelby made some cars in Mexico in the 70's! Steve may have given them permision to do the same! I DON'T THINK SO! Only kidding! Mark
  15. Naw, the Saleeno cars are easily identifiable. They had the air suspension, 13x12" Speedline steel deep dish wheels, undercarriage grind plates, Dukes of Hazzard horn, and (my personal favorite) the dingle ball headliner option... :rlaugh:
  16. Wow... That would make baby Jesus cry..
  17. I dunno. Should I have been so harsh now that we find out this purple car is owned by a woman? She just posted a Saleen previous non disclosure.
  18. There are so many Saleen wannabees out there. It really gets me angry when these guys enter in the Saleen classes at the shows that have Faleens. Whats even worse alot of Mustang Clubs let it go so they can get entries. I have seen it happen so much and these guys get away with it because a Saleen class is hard to fill at most shows.These guys should be embarrased and forced into the GT class or some in the Mustang V :notnice: 6 class
  19. Funny you should mention this phenomenon, BlackSaleen, as it occurred yesterday @ the San Diego Mustang Club's annual Mustangs by the Bay show. A fake Saleen Speedster took first place in the Signature class (e.g. Saleen, Roush, Steeda, etc.). It wasn't even a good fake, either. There were only (2) real Saleens in the class, mine & a white/blue stripe '91 convertible. There was also a black Roush coupe (a former winner) who took 3rd place. 2nd place just happened to be given to a 2005 Steeda in the JBA display; JBA coincidentally being one of the show sponsors. Then one of Mossy Ford's employees shows up with a brand new 2006 Saleen convertible, too. :nonono:

    Am I a bit perturbed? You bet. Obviously the SDMC has now become infected with the same virus that apparently affects all car clubs; personal politics & favoritism. If the location wasn't so spectacular & the weather equally so, I probably would make this year my last year of participation having had my '89 Saleen ignored last year as well in favor of a slew of Roush's & fake (rice) Saleens. :fuss: