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  1. SVT Saleen, I read your response to my post. Man i can't imagine what i would say if i lost to a Fallen. I know other Saleen owners that have as well. I am afraid
    that this is happening at lots of shows regardless of the clubs. I witnessed it at two shows i entered this year and i am disgusted that this happens. I think all signature mustangs who enter should have a inspection when they arrive at the show and placed in another class if they are not being truthfull. It really hurts to see these guys stealing from us. :mad:
  2. Sorry to say it guys but I have to disagree on the car show issue with you on this one. A class at a most car shows is not a SET in stone thing. It has always been so. All the AC Cobras whether clones or not enter in the AC Cobra class. Same with Shelby's. Look at it from his point of view. Cant very well enter a GT class, they all get bent out of shape cause "It's not fair" I will say this though if it were THE Saleen show, A Faleen should be in a Faleen Class. All other shows, replicas go with the real, and if they win, they deserve to. They probably worked 10 times harder than you to get their cars nice enough to beat yours that you plunked 50K down and drove it to the show. Now with all that said they SHOULD have some note or other that mentions that it IS a replica. etc.
  3. With all due respect Mstng2, that is a pretty fatuous argument.

    Using your illogical logic, all fake Saleens should be accorded extra points compared to real Saleens based solely on the fact that it allegedly requires more "work" & hence sacrifice on the part of their owners vs. owners of documented Saleens. Is that what you are seriously attempting to posit?

    How utterly ridiculous & insulting to all Saleen owners.

    Owners of fake Saleens are welcome to enter them in the late model Modified classes that all Mustang shows offer, yet they willingly choose not to do so. Those who attempt to pass their fakes off as the real thing, even in the limited context of a car show, are inherently dishonest & fraudulent. They simply want to bask in the reflected glow of those of us who have worked & sacrificed to be able to own real Saleens.

    Rant off.
  4. I've seen both sides of this issue... My former car was a REALLY nice 65 Shelby Clone ( that competed in a LOT of shows. Frankly, I was PROUD of it's "Clone" status, and the effort it took to build the car to point it was. I knew it wasn't "real", and that was one of the BEST things about owning it! Not to take anything away from the "real" cars, but it's two different worlds - I didn't want to compete with them, and they didn't want to compete with me... :p

    Replica's, clones, fakes - whatever you want to call them are simply modified Mustangs and should be entered in the MODIFIED class. Period. End of story. No self-respecting show director would have it ANY other way. Yes, I've seen people TRY to enter Cobra replicas, and Shelby clones in the "real" class, and EVERY single one of them has been removed from that class when the classification error was pointed out.

    There were several times when "less than knowledgable" registration people tried to put me in either the "stock 65/66" class, or the Shelby class. Every time that happened, I would point out exactly what the car was, and be moved to the proper (Modified) class. People make mistakes; it's up to the car owner to be SURE their car is properly classifed. It's it's not a "real" Saleen, Roush, Cobra, etc, it's a modified Mustang, and belongs in the Modified class.

    Just because I give my Golden Retreiver a fancy haircut, he doesn't become a poodle. He would never be permitted in the "Poodle" class at a show - and dang sure wouldn't deserve extra points for his fancy haircut compared to the real poodles... :stupid:

    Oh, and don't assume that because I paid cash for my Saleen, that I didn't "earn" it... The sale of my 11-year '65 project, and the 1000's of hours of labor that went into it, "paid" for my Saleen...
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  7. LOL, I hate text based conversation... It's always read wrong. I was reffering to local car shows not MCA or Top "judged" shows. I did not intend to imply that Saleen owners did not sacrafice to get thier Saleens. Only that to get a regular GT to even be able to show in a Saleen class takes a LOT of physical work on the car itself. Whereas If I bring my Real Deal Saleen it's because I bought from proceeds from other sources. It is NOT a slap in your face, it's a compliment to Saleen that the cars look good enough for people to want to replicate them. Entering my "Replica in a "modified" class is BS! Then I am competing against 100K Eleanors, and trailer queens. The logical place for the car is in the Saleen class. TAKE NOTE I NEVER REPRESENT MY CAR AS A #'rd SALEEN But will I compete against them? Absolutley, and do I win some? Absolutley. Sorry if I offended any of you personally, twas not intended. :shrug:
  8. Replicas belong in the modified class, along with all the other replica's, like Eleanor. (Interesting that you used it as an example). It's simply a Mustang with added modifications.

    What's an Eleanor anyway? It's a modified Mustang, with a body kit, big wheels, and usually a modified engine and suspension - sounds a lot like a Saleen clone to me... :shrug: The Eleanor look is duplicated with about the same budget and effort that a Saleen replica takes. Sure, a (very) few went for big money on Ebay at one point, but I know several builders who have done decent replicas for 1/4 the amount.

    If some guy really wants to go to the effort of bringing their $100k Mustang or trailer queen to a local show to compete for a $7 plaque, you just gotta deal with it... It's always the "average guy" who comes out on the losing end, no matter what "class" you're competing in. Heck, I suppose if an S7 owner showed up for the "Saleen" class, that wouldn't be "fair" either??? :rolleyes:

    Maybe it sounds "elitist" to some, but there IS a certain amount of exclusivity to these cars, much like an early Shelby. It either IS or isn't a "real" Saleen. If it's not authentic, then it's just a Mustang with a body kit, wheels, and engine mods - exactly what the modified class is there for. The modified class is also the IDEAL place to showcase the extra work that went into creating a replica. For instance, most of us know that Saleen is just a production line, with production line "quality standards" - witness the poor paint on most body components. A replica builder can/should/will take the time to produce painted parts that actually look & fit better than "stock". Is it fair to the bone-stock Saleen owner that he's saddled with a "production" paint job? Wouldn't "modifying" his car by redoing the parts with better paint take away from the "originality"? Witness a few of the low-mileage, unrestored early Mustangs - the "value" there is in the fact that they are untouched - yet a modern "restored" car often looks MUCH better...

    I'm sure we'll (soon) see the day where part of tech inspection at bigger shows will include verification of ID #'s and plates versus the registry... :nono:
    Not a slam on replicas, just the hobby protecting the exclusivity of a "few" (pun intended) special cars.
  9. This is why there is a "Replica" Class at the Saleen Club of America National Shows...

    On a personal note, if all I cared about was winning awards at MCA shows I would have taken the $50k I spent on the Speedster and bought 2 Mustang GTs.

    Why two GTs you might ask.

    One to beat on like a rented mule and drive EVERYWHERE, and one to live in the back of a trailer and get driven NEVER.

    With the trailer queen I would have left the plastic on the seats, paper on the floormats, heck I might have left the plastic wrap on the body panels, but as it would never see the light of day except at a show, it would always be a "100 point" car. Would have done quite well in the shows, and when the car got to be 10 years old, it would have been a "Gold Winner" at EVERY SHOW it was entered in with the MCA.

    The beater GT would be, well, beaten.

    The problem with above is that I would not have had my Speedster, and quite frankly, I would rather have it than a bunch of awards for a car that I never drove.

    I like car shows for the people more than the cars, that is why my Saleens have been in the snow ;)
  10. [Evil Thoughts ON]

    Thinking of giving our great dane show dogs fancy haircuts and entering them in the poodle class...

    [Evil Thoughts OFF]

  11. I wonder if pet shows have a "modified" class? This nut would have a great time at a cat show... :D
  12. LOL, :rlaugh: Actually, with your dog show reference a replica would be a white poodle but with no tag saying its a white poodle, in a white poodle contest. Unique thing about replicas though. Many of them, like mine, have all genuine Saleen parts, but were still Bastards. Lol :rlaugh:
  13. :damnit: Who's car you callin a mule?? Carefull there buddy, some of us own Rental Saleen's ya know!! :chair:

  14. HEHE

    My '89 was beaten like a rented mule :D

    192,xxx miles on it when I sold it, driven in the sun, rain & snow, washed once a year when TFalk would stop by the house and feel sorry for it...

    Not sure if your car was "beaten" like my "black & blue Saleens", although yours is purple :rlaugh:
  15. Tried that once, my dog said they taste like chicken :D