Woodward Dream Cruise- Mrt Invites You To Our Pre-cruise Pump Up Event


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Mar 28, 2011
Plymouth, MI
MRT Open House and Car Show
As we approach the end of summer, fall is coming up fast. What does that mean? It's time for one of Team MRT's favorite events, the Woodward Dream Cruise!

To celebrate, we will host our annual MRT Open House & Car Show at our shop in Plymouth, MI (Approximately 30 minutes from Detroit). The fun starts at 9AM EST and continues until 3PM on Friday, August 17th, 2012. We are excited to put on this relaxing event and hope to see all of our muscle car friends. To get you pumped for the Dream Cruise, MRT will offer Exclusive Open House specials, food, friends, awesome cars, and more. Join other car owners and enthusiasts in celebrating over a century of automotive passion in America's Motor City! We hope to see your vehicle on display as part of our fun and informal Car Show.

45646 Port St.
Plymouth, MI 48170

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bestselling MRT Products Available at the Event

New 2011-12 Boss 302 and GT MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe Exhausts

MRT is proud to present brand-new MaxFlow H-Pipe Exhausts for the 2012 Boss 302 and 2012 5.0L Mustangs. These premium performance mid-pipes feature 3-inch high-flow pipes made out of 304 Stainless Steel.</li>

MRT Interceptor and KR Axle-Back Exhausts for 2005-2013 Mustang V6, GT & Shelby GT500

Team MRT's engineers bring you our high-quality Axle-Back Exhausts. Made by MRT in the USA, these exhaust systems incorporate cutting-edge CNC mandrel bending technology for a smooth bends and precise fit. MRT systems are made out of durable 304 Stainless Steel that will not rust. You won't need to make physical modifications to your car during installation, as all MRT systems are direct, bolt-on replacements. <br /><br />In addition, great performance sound is a must if it's an MRT. The MRT KR Axle-Back Exhaust features a muffler-delete setup that gives you the deepest, most aggressive sound on the market. On a different note, the MRT Interceptor Axle-Back Exhaust offers a refined performance, "muscle-car" sound with minimal drone.</li>

MRT Rear Window Louvers, 1994-2013 Mustangs

Designed by MRT's specialists, MRT Rear Window Louvers take your Mustang's custom styling to the next level. Our louvers are hinged for easy cleaning and made out of air-craft quality aluminum. Get a rattle-free muscle-look that lasts and save BIG on the shipping of this over-sized package.

MRT Drill-free Hood Struts for 1979-2012 Mustangs, all models

MRT Hood Struts offer a superior way to showcase your Shelby. Our Hood Struts are true-bolt ins. That means absolutely no drilling during installation and no physical modifications to your car. MRT Hood Struts are available for 1979-2012 Mustangs in Black and Carbon Fiber Looks.

Sequential Tail Lights for 1996-2009 Mustangs

SCT Custom Tuners

SCT Custom Tuners optimize your vehicle's current upgrades and accommodate your future customizations. This tuner also can increase fuel economy or even help integrate a supercharger. The SCT tuner comes with preset standard tunes, but can also store custom tunes. At the event, MRT experts will be available for quick & effective on-site custom tuning. Call ahead to schedule your tune for the Open House and we'll get you a personal tune for your car so that it performs for you to the maximum.

C&L Cold-Air Intakes

C&L Cold-Air Intakes help increase your Mustang's airflow by maintaining optimum fuel-air ratio. With attractive custom housing, these Cold-Air Intakes optimize your car's engine for maximum performance.

We hope to see you there! - The MRT Team :)
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