woohoo $450 for a blown A4LD

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  1. Well i work for an autozone so this "scam" was kinda easy to pull off but....
    Buy A4LD and return old core-$1200.Return the new one after the core is gone and they have to pay me for it so i get $1600 back. Then I did the same with the torque convertor and made like $54 bucks off that. So with that money....im finding a T-5 :nice:
  2. im glad you think you're hot snot after you just bit the hand that feeds you. why dont you tell us your name and store # so we can turn you in? Your stupidity makes our parts cost more because your theviery is figured into the total cost of the parts. I cant stand people who steal, and I'll kick a person in the face who thinks they're "cool" because they steal and ends up costing me money.

    go to hell...
  3. so does this make you a man for stealing from your work. i bet your one of those guys that thinks its cool to rip people off until it happens to you then you get mad! GROW UP!
  4. It's pretty easy to see why you work for autozone! :nonono:
  5. Easy..Not everybody is like that.
    I have a very honest non-"scam. But it helps me out. We are constantly getting autozone batteries in as cores. If I can revive it I am allowed to keep it as long as I supply a core.(I still have about 30 from the derby cars.) Needless to say over the last 2 years I've managed to get a duralast Gold in everything I own, with a spare for each one.
  6. Oh yeah by the way....
    Please tell me that you're a red shirt.
  7. Its not stealing the core is worth $400 to the reman company and they're takin that in trade when i bought the new one. So whether or not i keep the new one its still worth enough for them to credit 400 for it. And I discussed it all with the manager of the store beforehand and he was ok with it so you guys can go [email protected]^* yourselves :rolleyes:
  8. Most of a stores loss is employee related :nono:
  9. and 351wcoupe you're stealing battery cores? :shrug: atleast im giving them my tranny core for the $400 im getting.
  10. he is reviving battery cores, and actually replacing them with cores...not buying stuff, turning in the core and then returning everything just for the money :notnice:
  11. lol if you want me to be really honest.....I had be generously donating my cores to the good of the company, until the regional manager told me I could pick through the bad ones to try and find something.....I even do it on my own time, so I'm not even clocked in.
    Thats funny how you tried to turn it around on me. I would swear you worked at the next store over from me.
  12. I'm stealing your car.
  13. Dont you guys have shops around you the pay for old parts and they sell them to reman companies? its really the same thing. But whatever cry if ya have to. Like i said before i ran this by the manager of the store and he said "its sounds shady but technicly its legit"
  14. :owned:
  15. 351W...so does my Merk have one of these duralast gold batteries installed and one in the trunk? My SVO needs a battery too :)

  16. bring it
  17. Once goland sees this post your goin down. :rlaugh:

    i have an old a4ld would they trade it in for money?? or if i brought it to a Tranny shop would they take it for money??
  18. LOL its funny you mention that. That car has one of the better ones in it.
    I came across a DG with dual terminals (couldn't remember if it was still side post or if I was using top post.

    I don't think you understand. He's not bringing anything, he's stealing your car and hurry up a get the T5 in there. Nobody can catch Cro in an N/A 5spd. :nice:
  19. lol my escort can catch an N/A 5spd or maybe I can with a nice pair of running shoes even.