WooHoo!! Got a 1999 SVT Cobra!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SVTStang03, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Yeah, I just got my Black 1999 SVT Cobra tonight. BEYOND STOKED about it. It is all stock except for the "FIX" items that were installed. What can I do besides gears and exhaust to get some cheap power?

    I'll post pics soon.
  2. If you are a dealer for all those listed, get some stuff ordered ;)

    How much for steeda 4 bolt CC plates, pro 5.0 shifter and are you going to deal in SLP?
  3. Hey, I can't sell in the forum. Email me.

    I have a shifter, g-trac 1 and wheels coming. I was wondering if there was anything like "cobra specific" I could buy...

    [email protected]
  4. Underdrive pulleys & a timing adjuster, maybe.
  5. You might wanna consider lookin' at one of these:
    a) http://www.cnlperformance.com/80mm_96-01.html ,

    b) the previously mentioned underdrive pulleys (Steeda are preferred),

    c) and maybe a dyno-tune w/ a chip (we went with DiabloSport 4-bank, but different folks here have tried several different chips with good results, too).

    Those three mods (in combination) netted us an additional 27 RWHP over our stock baseline dyno pulls........ for less than $1K for everything...........parts and labor included.
    and we still haven't touched the stock exhaust setup nor the factory 3.27 gears...............yet.

    :shrug: :D
  6. I am thinking about a densencharger, or WMS maf system with the 90mm and eventually a pro charger at 10psi and a nice safe tune. Of course full exhaust, pro 5.0 shifter and some M&M CC plates now.

    Its got a few things from when I bought it on it for suspension. KB front and rear strut bars, KB subs, steeda springs, 03 bilsteins, and the 03 #4 support bar.

    I will be in touch with you soon.
  7. Where'd you get your tune done? I've been putting off getting a chip for a while, but now that I'm getting a new rearend, there's no avoiding it.
  8. i hated the timing adjuster so much i took it off
    but the pullies are beautifull
  9. I had JerryW tune it during one of his SVTOA Dyno Day appearances at Team Ford in Marietta.
    He told me that he could go ahead and burn it straight to your EEC-V if you want to have the tweaks without need for a chip.........:shrug:
    I just wanted to have the option to revert to stock tune on the EEC-V by just pulling the chip if I ever had need to do so, which you obviously wouldn't be able to do if he modified the processor itself.
    You might wanna try and call Aric at Team Ford.......... he probably knows if Jerry will be back in Atlanta anytime soon.
  10. Ahhh, I didn't realize Jerry could burn Diablos. Everybody in the local SVTOA who got a Ski tune went with the EEC and sold their Diablo to pay for it. :) I'm thinking I'd like to get a flip chip so I can switch tunes on the fly. I have vague ambitions of installing a nitrous system one of these days.

    I imagine I'll be seeing quite a bit of Aric in the next couple of weeks. He's going to be performing the radical drivetrainectomy on my car as soon as my parts arrive.

    Speaking of Atlanta SVTOA, weren't you a regular at one time? Dave P. still mentions you from time to time when he's reminiscing.
  11. I am he.