WOOHOO i love my high milage beast!

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  1. Welp, along with a long list of "wanted" mods, i get to do the "heatcore" mod. My baby gave me the "im gonna empty the radiator in your interior" warning today, so i guess its time for a new heatercore :D :banana:

    Now we are having fun!!!
  2. Look forward to this

    good luck,

  3. Holy mother of god ****ing **** thats gonna suck...

    if my heater core ever goes out iam just gonna leave it out and get extra coat, or move where its warmer
  4. Dan...you did WAY more work than you needed to...I did mine in about 4 hours and didn't take nearly as much stuff apart as you.
  5. Yeah I know you could do it with less work, I just got pissed at it a took the whole dash out. :rolleyes: It was much easier to get to it but double the work trying to get everything back together. :nonono:
  6. I already live where its warmer! ...since i dont like huricanes or salty sea air, hawaii and florida are out!

    Dan, thanks for the pictures...i like to have detailed nightmares :p
  7. I just by-passed mine today

    Fortunately, all it did was greasy-up the w/shield

    Kinda like lookin thru an Am. cheese slice wrapper now

    oh well
  8. Woodster the nightmare is not just with the dash for me, it is the dog and the kids taking the tools and running off with them. I was so pissed I took out the seats also and ended up modifying the console in the proccess.

    (This breaks my 666 post count I hope you are happy)
  9. Wood, after you accomplish a heater core change on an A/C equipped '87 up Fox you will be at one w/ your car like never before. And you can know for sure there is nothing you cannot do to it.
  10. THat's why I never changed the heater core in my TC! It's my summer car anyway, I'm now driving the tempo and it has a Sahara-like heater so it's pretty sweet.
  11. I have heard of Africa Hot but never Sahara-like heat I will have to use that if my heater ever heats up.....
  12. Well, this morning was the first day I've used it, it was about 25 outside...I had Defrost on at one notch below High and I had to turn it down because I was damn near sweating! That's the kinda heater I love :) I'm fairly sure the core on my Mustang was on the way out as the heater never really got that hot, it was usually just warm.

  13. What is this?


    Scene: 140 admonishes his young charge Woodster on oneness with his ride.
    "When you can take this heater core from your Mustang, then you may leave the Temple."


    Scene: Woodster prepares to seize the heater core...
  14. *woodster jumps out virtual window*
  15. I was surprised today with my heater, I never remember it working so fast! I was at my bros football game and it had to be 30 degrees, for 2 hours. I got in, cranked to full blast and was warm within minutes ... I really dont know what it was all about.
    I also love how it pulls in the (dry) winter ... much more pep!
  16. I may end up testing my heater this morning, I believe this area has had its first frost. I hope it works; I can't recall using it since I bought the car last winter.

  17. LMFFAO

    I dub that the best post ever
  18. Freakingtiger - one of the best shows ever! YOU RULE MAN!
  19. Be one with the heater core, Woodster-san...
  20. Thankyou! Thankyou!:D

    Don't you just love that show! (Kung Fu)