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  1. My wonderful wife of 5 years next week got me a present!

    Guess what "Spoiled" is getting on her!


    That is right folks, after years of badgering her, she finally gave in and bought me a kit.

    I will be putting on the NX efi Kit and cannot wait to shoot that 75 shot!

  2. Hell ya!!! :nice: . you gotta shoot some footage and let me know how it goes. I wanted to get the NX kit too. Still debating.
  3. :nice: Spray on playa. :cool:
  4. Cool...yeah yeah...Cool..hehheeheh

  5. Your car isn't the only thing that will be getting a "shot"! Hehe...
  6. yeah she might give yah a shot in the ribs... common that made no sence marvin
  7. made sense to me :shrug:
  8. Well let me in on it then?
  9. I'm pretty sure he meant she/you will be getting lucky for such an excellent gift!! Mind you, you are married so maybe not :p
  10. It's called being facetious. What GREENBIOCH said.
  11. hehe it was plain as day!
  12. For some reason I thought Laser's car was S/C'd, guess not. I want to see someone actually S/C their car and then throw some gas in there!
  13. Ah, I see what you are refering too, yes she got the shot 3 times that night!

    Yeah baby, bring it on!
  14. I'm saving my money for a S/C and nitrous. I want to eat some GT's like popcorn ;)
  15. Maybe like the engine will be PopCorn huh? With forced induction and Nitrous, man that would be brutal without a buildup!
  16. I'll leave the first remark alone. I did see a show where they had these deisel engines initially with turbo chargers on them, and then they added super chargers ontop of that. That's INSANE!
  17. Yes, that would be nice, but without a bottom with forged internals, I would see the engine blowing. The stock V6 i feel would not handle the power.
  18. LsRedy2kStang = horndog
  19. Yes, I would have to agree but I am not as bad as some of you leg humpers.
  20. now once you get the bottle installed you gotta go back to the dyno and get new and improved numbers...