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  1. Oh yes the dyno will be a must, and look what I picked up at the ever so popular Ebay today! This is an awesome price for what i got, it is actually below dealer cost so I don't know if it is HOT or what. I should get it on Friday so we will see then!


    I am going to pick up the NX solenoids soon and use the NOS as the purge valve!

    So all and all, I will have only spent maybe $400 for the kit and all! That is going to be damn awesome!
  2. Here is some updated information.

    The solenoids are on the way, should be here hopfully no later than Wednesday.

    THe bottle is now in the car ready to be hooked up see the pictures attached. When I get the solenoids all hooked up I will post more pictures.

    Here are some pictures before the install, during and after!


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  3. Sorta before?

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  4. Don't forget to connect the gas tank strap back up!

    Right now, I'll only give you a "WOO."

    After the solenoids are installed and everything works, I'll give you the "HOO!" later.
  5. Okay that is fine, that is not a problem I will take a "Woo" for now! Next week, I will hit you up for the "Hoo"!

    But it is definetly coming along.
  6. why every body put the bottle in the trunk why don't you put a seris of smal bottles under the passengers seat like Vin Deisel! :D

  7. well if he wanted to spend a couple of thousand bucks, he's only spending 400 on this.
    That would be pretty badass though
  8. Well can you give me change for money that I would be spending?
  9. change? i got a nice collection of nickle and pennies and what nots...
  10. Whatever you do, don't ask 97v6silver for change!!! :rlaugh:
  11. :lol: :rlaugh: Poor 97v6Silver. Everybody in every thread is messing with him becuase of that. :rlaugh:
  12. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  13. Oh, he's not poor. He's got $0.44. That's more than a lot fo people have! :D