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  1. My 4.10's go in at 7:00 am :banana: :banana: :banana: :jester: :spot: :banana: :banana: :spot:
  2. awesome! just got my king cobra clutch installed, that was my excitement for the week... lol
  3. All I can say is WOW! I was an idiot for not going 4.10's from jump street. I will definatly see that 12.9 tonight :D
  4. Congrats, :nice: One of the best mods I ever did.
  5. well I went 3.73's first because 1. I got a great deal on them and 2. I heard so many horror stories about fuel milage and rpm's. I must say those people have never had 4.10's. for in town driving they are perfect.:D

    I had to pull myself out of the car long enough to come in and eat.. and get ready for the track tonight :banana:

    wish me luck I am shooting for 1.8 sixties at least and a 12.8
  6. Good luck, man! Run a few for me, I may not be in my car until April... :notnice:

    I just got bad news about my gear install (4:10s also) - it seems as though the Motive gears that I got (Partshopper.com, actually) were "off" and had a lot of slop in them. So they're gonna take them off & see if they can machine them a little bit. If not, I'll be going for the FRPP 4:10s and waiting another week... :bang:
  7. Is bigshot doing your gears?
  8. Not that I know of. It's a guy at a place called Skinny's Garage - very reputable place for gear installs in my area.

  9. I have heard alot of people having trouble with Motive's lately. your are the 4th person in a month to be exact. sorry to hear that.. it is worth the wait!!

    Well I got in a few good passes tonight, and all I know for sure is my next mods are a decent set of adjustable shocks(suggestions? :shrug: ) and some ET streets on a 16" rim. I cant get her out of the hole on the current setup and it is costing me about a half second of ET. anyway best run

    1.94 60'
    13.007 ET (SOOOOO CLOSE :bang: )
    106.8 MPH (really excited about that)
  10. Damn, your almost there! I got some Tokico 5 way adjustibles on mine, thus far they've been great for either road racing or drag. What RPM are you launching at, do you have a lot of tire spin?
  11. I have tried every RPM I can lol. and yes tons of tire spin, and the back is bouncing baaaaad!
  12. Nice run, except for that 60ft time... :p Once you're able to get some traction you should have no problem hitting 12.5!

    The Motives went in this morning - there was a high spot on them that my buddy had machined down. They fit like a glove now & I should have it back this afternoon! Woo-hoo!
  13. get a set of Maximum motorsport drag launch LCAs and get rid of your quad shocks... then get adjustable shocks and slap on the ET streets and 12s will not be a problem. nice times still :nice:
  14. Thanx guys. Suspension is front and center for me now. I have the power.. time to get it to the ground. :nice:

    Glad to hear your geting your gears in.. rip'em :)