WOOT!!!! bought another SVO

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  1. I'm so excited i just cant contain myself. 800 bucks for an 84 SVO 118k, engine resealed 4k miles ago. the guy is sick of dealing with it

    this is the the second one I've bought for under a thousand.



    for $800 bucks

    I drove it today and its runs poorly. Rough and hunting idle (IAC). Stumbling and hesitation before 4500rpm (VAM?) so i'm gonna do a tune up hopefully this weekend and see what i come up with

    so now i'm up to three 2.3 turbo cars (86 SVO, 88 XR4TI, and now a proud owner of a 84 SVO). i'm probably going to have to sell the XR4TI to recover some costs so if anyone is interested pm me I'll send some pics.

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  2. $800 is a steal!! 118K and a seal-n-shine, you made out like a bandito! Just curious, what area of California are you from?
  3. Holy Hell It looks identical to mine.
    Good deal. If you start messing with the idle concerns take a pic of your Tbody for me. It looks like the Tiny avenger 65mm Tbody and adapter.
  4. Heck of a deal looks like i need to move out to cali i know where a canyon red one is in va for sale...with a new crate motor and bullets already on it...and he take care of his car's...I Mean WAX the firewall Clean.
  5. santa rosa,ca same as you evintho :) you should have waited on the tbird cause i might be looking to sell my 86 here soon....

    i couldnt get the camera to work but it measured about 65mm so i wonder if this could be the problem. i checked the timming its sitting 10btdc i'm almost wondering if it jumped time just by the way its idleing regardless its still an awesome deal, which leads me to another problem
  6. i dought the tb is the problem.....i would check the IAC (idle air controll) then work from there.
  7. better pics

    i got more but didnt have time to resize them

    the tbody is a 65mm not sure who made it or where it came from. came with a free boost gauge and an a/f ration gauge in the pillar.

    I went out to drive it last night, it hunts at idle for about 30-45 seconds when cold. i think the iac is sticking cause i was able to tap it with a rubber mallet and idle flatend out. I was excited to find a large VAM and brown tops in the car and the PE ECU. This guy seems to no jack about what was on the car but this engine has been gone through. It seems to run way faster then my 86.

    I found eibach springs and newer looking konis. Also came equiped with subframe connectors.

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  8. cant go wrong there.....
  9. I'm jealous.