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  1. Another half-baked hatchet job idea -- bear with me. Again.

    I believe that my big project this spring will be a rewire. I've read some of the rewire threads but it seems like the majority are either trying to redo the OEM wiring or trying to make it more complicated than it has to be. Or does it?

    As long as I'm hell and gone from OEM and have no intention of returning to such, would it be easier to just cut out the rat's nest completely and throw in a simple, 12-circuit universal wiring harness (screw the dome light, seat belt light, etc.?) Wire it the way one would wire, say, a gutted 1950 Ford? These kits are going for under $100 on eBay. I even found a company that will build a custom steering column for $250-300 that will drop into the II and plug into a universal harness -- take the confounded ignition switch off the column and put it someplace realistic. And, of course, locate the damned fusebox to someplace on this planet.

    I just cannot believe how stupid the wiring in this car is; to say nothing of what the previous owner(s) did.

    "Owning a Mustang II means lying awake at night dreaming of finding the previous owner of your car . . . and killing him. . ."
  2. oooh, i have all kinds of notes on rewiring the car, using the painless kit
  3. We need to talk. Didn't your rewire turn into a $1200 nightmare?
  4. more like $2000 nightmare, but that is because we replaced almost everything electrical, & a ton other things.
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    I know this is off topic but i know what you mean. Tore the fire wall lining out today. Found a patch panel made out of a 1978 lincense plate pop rivited over a hole and the dash wiring was held in place by several lashes of bailing wire. Not mechanics wire, damned rusty 10 gauge fence wire. What a mess. Whats next???

  6. Just remember: You Asked!!!

  7. Depends how much you know about electricity, and you don't need to know much to do it right especially with a kit.

    Whether your doing it from scratch or pre packaged you need a meter, and a good set of strippers and crimpers to make connections. Specially the crimpers.

    Nice thing about going from scratch is being able to put anything anywhere you want it. Depends how much time and wire you want to invest. Who needs a spare tire?