Worked's Mach

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  1. Real Ricer Tail Lights


    Clear Fog Lights To Match (With Ricer 8300K HIDs Of Course)

  2. dude, are you dumb or just retarded?
  3. I don't care for them, but it's his car and if he likes it then he's entitled to have them.
  4. Neither, just a lot faster than gheys like yourself, dude
  5. No need for hostilities, man.

    Yup. Until someone else takes over payments on your car or buys it, they have few rights to say what should be done to it. Just my 2 pennies.
  6. The clear fog lights look good. BUT the ricer tail lights on a Mach I... a car that was a classic back in it's day. I don't know about that
  7. I forgot to mention the ricer 8000K HID bulbs in the clear fog lights and the ricer sequential turn signals in the tail lights. I am rice.
  8. CT s/b "Resident RiceStanger".

  9. LMAO^^^^

    The clear fog lights & sequential tail lights are cool... I think so! BUt the tail lights them selves, the car could probabley do with out. but everything else on it looks cool. the spacer on the shaker scoop:nice:

  10. TP's cool; I'm just flippin' him some stuff. :)
  11. I've had smoked tail lights on there before, and of course the stock ones are still around. Changing tail light assemblies now has become almost as easy as changing a pair of shoes. The fog lights really benefit from having HIDs in them; they actually became functional. The shaker extension I think is a good idea because it further exposes the shaker to the air stream when driving and makes it more visible.