Workin on a Tattoo Idea...

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  1. This is my first, and as everyone seems to say not my last tattoo..

    Im workin on trying to find the mustang pony but with the american flag inside of the horse....I've found a few on the internet but they look horriable. Bc People cut out the inside deal of the horse and just put the flag

    Something like that is what i'm looking for

    Anyone have any good ideas or pics?
  2. You can bring that picture to your artist but tell him/her what exact changes you want and they will draw it up. Then you check out the drawing and if its exactly what you want, go have it perminantly scarred :nice:

    I love tattoo's. I have one but I am looking to do more.

    Just remember, you pay for what you get. Don't worry about price, worry about quality. This is on your body for the rest of your life.
  3. How about a tribal tattoo in the shape of a running pony with the stars and stripes for color fill? Maybe around the bicep?
  4. Daggar...Sounds like a thought for the design i'll look into it...But i'm looking at putting it on my back, right shoulder, forgot ot mention that earlier....
  5. I found this on my computer if it helps.
  6. I have an idea...don`t get one:lol:.

    Not what you want to hear,but if you can`t live without one go for it I guess.

    I`ve just never liked tattoos personally.It`s something you may possibly regret in the future:shrug:.

    To each their own.
  7. I want one but I don't at the same time I just need to go and get a set of balls and do it lol
  8. Also they're addicting to get cant get just one lol. i started with one and now im up to 3 and wanting to get another :rlaugh: just make sure when u go to get it, that the place is clean n does good work might have to pay a little bit more but it will be worth seeing that its goign to be on ur body for the rest of ur life lol best of luck to you and yes they do hurt but its a nice pain
  9. What kind of tat's do you have, Kornchild?
  10. i got a red dragon ontop of a sword on my right calf, a dreamcatcher with my godmothers name in the middle of it on my left calf and the sagittarius symbol with a ring of fire around it on my top of my right arm been thinking of somethin for my left arm now :rolleyes: N got them all done at stuido 69 in islip :nice:
  11. Basic rule for all tattoos: Get an image whose meaning or personal significance will not change 25 years from now. Getting your favorite band(s), girlfriend's/wife's name or image, movie/cartoon character, etc. etched into your flesh might seem like a good idea at the time, but after you break up/divorce, the band begins to suck (*cough* Metallica *cough*), the show is cancelled, etc. ... suddenly, you're stuck with a tat that screams "DOH!"

    A buddy of mine has the regular Mustang emblem - running horse with the tri-bar strip behind it - on his shoulder, and it's tasteful, simple, well-done, and lasting. Even if Ford stops making Mustangs tomorrow and every one of them is sent to the crushers in five years (I have nightmares about these sorts of things), and even if everyone on the planet forgets what a Mustang is, at least the artwork isn't necessarily just a brand name or a logo, it's worth something for its artistic imagery, alone ... a horse with a banner of red, white, and blue behind it. Something that can be re-interpreted however one pleases.

    I'm sure I've seen the sort of image you're describing on a T-shirt someplace before, but the source eludes me at the moment. But it sounds cool enough to become a permanent skin feature, for sure.
  12. Yea its got some meaning behind it...One that we all have in common is the love for mustangs, and yet the flag is my daily job to protect for what it stands for. And i'm sure if done right it will look good.

    I dont want just the flag color in there, i want it waving like the the previous picture just with more detail...

    Thanks for the help gents
  13. Idea: Photoshop the outline of the running Mustang logo over a waving flag background and then cut around the edges.
  14. i just got the flaming pony emblem like 3 weeks ago and it looks awsome... its all in the artist.
  15. You know, I don't have any tats, but I could really consider that one. The Mustang is apart of this country. So combine that with the flag... it can't go wrong. Unless you become a liberal, then you'll have to have flames tattooed on it, and somehow turn the horse into a toyota Prius or something.... but by the time you figure it out, we'll have shot you by then...

  16. I guess thats why I have flames on the skull on my arm :flag:
  17. i have the mustang pony on my left arm :) its fricking sweet, right now i only have the outline idk wat i wanna do to it yet, i think i might ad the stripes, but who knows, i know for sure the pony is going to be kicking up smoke. but good luck, tatoos kick a$$ :)
  18. go for it. the pony with flames looks good.
    i started with a small one, chinese symbol, the 2nd is harder to explain......theyre too addictive.

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    but with red eyes
  19. Watch out, Ford might sue you. :eek: