Workin on a Tattoo Idea...

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  1. My buddy has the running pony with red/white/blue bars on his back...

    It's kinda kool but I don't want to be a walking billboard for life. Get something less commercialised and more personal
  2. e="Daggar, post: 6171562, member: 71051"]How about a tribal tattoo in the shape of a running pony with the stars and stripes for color fill? Maybe around the bicep?[/quote]
    Hey I'm looking for a tribal pony all black to put on my forearm, its not the whole pony just the top from head to the top of the tail
  3. I have $$thousands$$ in Tats, full color sleeve and some others here and there. The one I regret the most is on my back. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice tat but I don't think I've seen it in years!! If it means so much to you then you should put it where you can see it all the time. Make sure it can be easily hidden if you think it won't be OK at your work place. Also one more thing, typically what they sketch you they will make a stencil out of and put it on your body. If you don't like the stencil then your tattoo will be no better. They will add shading and color to it but you have to be ok with the size, lines and proportion of the sketch. If they stick it and you want to move it a little don't hesitate to say so. It's easy for them to wash it off and re-apply it.

    I'll be soon getting the Ford blue oval tatted on me but instead of Ford it will have my fathers name in it with the same Ford font. He worked for Ford as a bodyman for 35 years and we're a Ford family.

    P.S., it's proper etiquette to TIP the artist afterward. Yes you'll be paying about $120+ per hour for a decent shop rate but that dude has to give up some of that to the shop owner. Either a percentage or flat rate to rent that booth per/mo.
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