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  1. It's actually been above freezing the last couple days so I've been out working on Sadie.

    Yesterday I swaped the carbs from old Sadie to new Sadie. There really wasnt anything wrong with new Sadie's carb, I just didn't like the electric choke and figured if I was going to swap that, I might as well do the whole carb. I also got the driver's side cowl vent (under the dash) bolted down (it was just hanging there).

    I spent the better part of this afternoon upside down with my head under the dash installing the heater. I had already bought a new heater core, hoses, and blower moter for old Sadie so that went into new Sadie. And I took the best 1/2 of each heater box and combined them. New Sadie came with a new plastic repro plenum so I just used that and in the spring I'll sell the one I had bought for old Sadie. I used the cables that came with new Sadie (in better shape than old Sadie's) but I had to use old Sadie's control panel because new Sadie didn't have one. I have everything installed so now all I have to do is hook up the upper heater hose to the intake manifold (new Sadie has a plug so I have to take the connector thingie from old Sadie's intake) and hook up the wires for the blower. Then I'll have heat. :banana:

    If I have time after finishing the heater tomorrow, I'll probably install the console & radio so I can have tunes too. And I'll probably figure out what's up with the windshield washers. I know there's no reservoir for the fluid and I suspect the electric part of the pump (which works the wipers) isn't hooked up. Either that or it doesn't work, but old Sadie's does so either way I should be able to get the washers fixed.

    And I have pretty much confirmed that new Sadie is an original heater delete car. The hole where the upper heater hose goes through the firewall still had the plug and it was covered with the engine bay coating (which looks original to me). And the cutout for that hose in the firewall insulation was still intact. So I think it is likely that new Sadie was delivered to San Jose and almost immediately went to Hawaii.

    Then in a couple weeks when Dad has a slow period at work (so he's not so tired), we'll go down to the auto hobby shop on base so we can use the lift and put a temporary fix on that radiator crossmember and fix the rust hole in the outer wheel housing.

    Oh, and mom & dad checked at the muffler shop here and if I take the exhaust off both cars and take in new Sadie and old Sadie's exhaust, they'll install it for $50. So I'll probably doing that sometime in the near future too.

  2. Cool ,good work. This is a 67, right. They have the cool lever on the floor for wiper fluid. I don't think it's electric is it? I thought it was some kind of bellow that operated it.
  3. Yeah, it's a 67. The bellow opperates the fluid, but there's also and electical component that opperates the wipers (I use it as my intermittent wipers).

  4. Don't you feel much better now, having a Sadie(s) to work on?:nice:
    Not only that but you get to drive her too!:nice::nice:
  5. Oh yea! I don't even mind all the cuts & bruises on my arms from working under the dash (that driver's side defroster duct is a pain in the @$$ to get in w/o taking out the instrument cluster. Even with the instrument cluster out it's probably a pain in the @$$).

    I'm hoping to have it done tomorrow so I can go out and finish my Christmas shopping on Wednesday.

  6. sally wears a size 225 60/R15 ;)
  7. I thought you had all 4 tires?

  8. No, I said I was waiting until Spring. I've still got to clean up the rims first.
  9. Oh, okay. What size were the rims again? Also you are behind on answering your last PM.

    Another thread hijacked!

  10. YAY! I'm almost done with the heater. All I have left are the 2 wires from the blower motor. I just went out to get some connectors for them so I should be able to test it out tomorrow (gotta bleed the air out of the heater core).

  11. Cool, you're going to have heat! Now just remember to seal the firewall.
  12. 'Chelle,

    Reading through this, I can see how much fun you're having! I remember 25 years ago scavenging everything from a rusted-out 68 Cougar I was driving into a clean 67 Mustang with no Drivetrain. It's fun.

    also recently, stripping the 88 GT for the Cobra. Every cut, scratch, and gouge was worth it.


    You're going to have a great 'stang when you are done!

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  13. I am having fun. :D :banana:

    And I've been making a list of things I need to do to new Sadie and so far it all fits on one page! :D

  14. That list needs to be longer!
  15. I know, I'm still adding things here & there as I think of them, but old Sadie's list would have been a book.

  16. When I was building the Cobra, the list was longer than Santa's!

    This winter's list is growing daily:
    Hidden stereo
    Correct gas gauge sender
    Start Body work
    More stripes adjustments
    repair headlights
    new turn signal switch

    and much more!
  17. Don't forget that new upholstery you made!
  18. We're going to redo the upholstry. I wasn't 100% pleased with how it initially turned out and I don't have enough of the grey material to start from scratch again so I need to find some new grey material I like. Plus dad had a whole bunch of really nice black naugahide (lot better than the vinyl I used) that he was going to use on the Dodge, but he's sellingl the Dodge so I can have the naugahide.

    Anyway, I got the wires connected and the fan appears to be working (although the switch is a little tempermental). I'm not entirely sure if the high is working correctly, though because it sounds exactly like medium. :shrug:

    And I can't seem to get the her started. I think it's a combination of the carb needing to be tuned and me normally being too used to fuel injection and too timid with the gas but trying to compensate and ending up flooding it. :doh: I'll try again in a couple hours and if I can't get it started, I'll have to wait for dad to get home from work and let him look at it.

    Quick question: What's the easiest way to go about bleeding the air from the heater core? The shop manual says to disconnect the lower hose from the heater core and let it run until antifreeze comes out. That seems kind of stupid to me because I'd have to pull out the whole heater box to get to the heater core again and then I'd have antifreeze all over the inside of the car. But if I disconnect the hose from the water pump (where that hose goes), wouldn't antifreeze come spewing out of the water pump?

  19. If you just let the car run with the rad cap off the air will work its way to the rad once the thermostat opens. Just keep slowly topping it up with a jug untill all the air is out.
  20. Thanks.