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  1. She was just flooded. Dad got her going & adjusted the carb so she's not running quite so rich and got the extra fuel burnt off. Of course I took the Jeep to finish my Christmas shoping today so now I have nowhere to go. :(

  2. Picies!

    Blower motor

    Heater box (I'm done sticking my head under the dash for now so this is the best shot you're getting)


  3. Tie wraps on the defroster hoses - great idea! I bought one of those plastic heater plenums last year as well and must say they are the cat's a$$. Canadian Mustang left a message at my house today to say the new blower motor I ordered last week (when your thread got me motivated to fix it) is in. Unlike your two wire three speed one at $72.90CAN, I have to unfortunately pay $116.90CAN for the three wire two speed motor that came in the '64-'66. So that's 60% more for one less speed selection. Bummer!
  4. It started snowing again today so I think I'll leave the heater hoses alone for now; they're not touching anything that will melt them. Once I get old Sadie's engine out and start rebuilding it, I'm going to get all the wires & hoses nice & neat and tucked away so it looks pretty and uncluttered.

    I'm always happy to motivate others. :D

    Oh, and I also replaced the PCV valve today. Pretty minor, but it was leaking and was an easy fix.

  5. That's right, you've got a pair of 289s now don't you?
  6. Yup. Gonna rebuild old Sadie's engine while I drive new Sadie. Then I'll put old Sadie's rebuilt engine in new Sadie and sell new Sadie's engine.

  7. ot: haeadche trying to follow this while intoxicated. Damn SPC. trinks Tequilla like it's water.

  8. If new Sadie has it original engine, then you might want to keep it with the car for long-term value purposes.
  9. I saw a deluxe shifter in there. Deluxe interior?
  10. Why? I don't ever plan on selling her and there's going to be a lot about her that's not original when I'm done. Plus old Sadie still has a lot of sentimental value so I want her engine in new Sadie.

    Nope, not deluxe. The shifter is old Sadie's (not deluxe either). I didn't realize that's what the deluxe shifter looked like. I just figured it came from some other car (thinking maybe 69 - 73 mustang or a cougar). But I like it better than the plain metal one so put it on.

  11. Hmmm....That new Sadie engine might find a comforatable home between the front fenders of the Blue Fuzzy One's Sally.
  12. Is that how it looked when you got it? Or did that happen during your drive home?

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  13. Queen high to boot!
  14. RM-

    It was to fast, everything flew off!

    In actuality, in response to an ad I placed on SN, two guys came by and for $250, took every body part!
  15. Another unfair edit:

    When describing the whereabouts of his ex-wife to an undercover police officer...
  16. Heater works (although it takes about 15 minutes to get warm, but that's about average).

    I drove her to Warrensburg & back and didn't freeze off any appendages. :D I'll eventually have to replace the heater switch because medium & high are the same, but it works good enough for now. Carb still needs a little adjusting, though. As long as I have the choke pulled out a little it's great, but when I pushed it in, she died at a couple of red lights (started right back up again, though).

    And I happened to run into one of my best friends at the gas station and she said "I like" :D.

  17. What size is the carb and what is it jetted at?
  18. How many times do I have to tell y'all, "sally" is KEEPING her 6!!!:mad::bang::fuss::Damnit:
  19. Good for you Fritz! Two of my most favorite vehicles I've owned had inline sixes in them. Not enough people dig the reliability and simplicity of them (not to mention the get up and go torque).
  20. Thank You!:hail2: