Working on Sadie

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  1. Vacuum leak?
  2. I'm sorry, did you say something about Sally was sick?

  3. A bit large for a stock 289 car with an auto. Be better off with no more than a 500 or so. If it still has stock jetting, it would probably be a little rich
    so it might not be an issue with the ratio. As above...vacuum leak?
  4. Y'know what? Good for you! Although, I still think that tripling the length of the front subs and putting a 16-cylinder Patton tank motor in there might be kind of fun :p

    Now, are you gonna keep that long skinny engine "Stock as a Rock" as the Super One would; or are you interested in "playing a little"? See, while I'd still love to find both a motorless '67 and a lonely orphan Windsor and get them together; finding a 7-main-bearing 200 and a good 250ci cylinder head (or, for the really exotic, an Aussie crossflow head) would be a rather interesting exercise. Bolt on a nice flowing yet box-stock quiet exhaust system (Flowmaster 40's need not apply) and you could generate some surprises amongst the street ricers.
  5. He has a 7 main bearing 200. But the old trick was to find the 170 head with the smaller chambers to boost up the compression ratio.
  6. Nice idea, but then you're still stuck with the old log style "cast-together-with-the head" intake. Yecch.

    Sure, you can bore a couple extra holes in the log and add 1bbl carbs, but the airflow pattern is pretty much still the same as that of an exhaust manifold for a '66 F100 with a lo-compression 352 :nonono:
  7. But hey, it looks great!
  8. Dad thinks the idle just needs to be bumped up so I'll do that tomorrow and see what it does.

  9. Question for Chepsk8.......

    Have StangDreamin' and Realmongo not been paying attention, OR are they really so senile that they can't remember what I've posted over the last year or two as to my plans for "sally"?:scratch:

    Personally, I think StD has spent too much time par-boiling in the jacuzzi, sniffing the ink of Chelle's avatar girls........Realmongo, well he's just "OUT THERE" on the left coast!:nonono:

  10. And I'm farther west than your infamous LEFT COAST boys. WTF?
  11. Remember...I know where you live!

  12. Once it is warmed up, what is the idle speed with the car in drive and the brake applied?
  13. ya, we know, you're in Riceland.:nonono:
  14. Dunno. Don't have a tach.


  15. Not by choice, Fritz

  16. If after it warms up and it seems like it's running too slow at idle when in gear with the brake on then try turning the idle speed screw up a little.
  17. Yup, that's what I'm planning on doing. Just waiting for it to get above freezing again.

  18. Cold and snow is no reason to put a heater in a heater delete car... wear a jacket and gloves! :p
  19. ok, i've been working out my warped demented mind for a few weeks (needed some exercise, so i let out to play for a while) and i think i'm going to try and find a six banger AMC. like a rambler, matador or 69 or 70 javelin and swap a good old late model jeep 4.0 with a few mods done to it with the automatic overdrive and a good steep rear gear like a 3.73 or so and i think i could have a really nice driver/rice killer and still be dependable and get halfway decent mileage to boot. yeah i know it's not really ford but there were tons of Ford parts in those old AMC's, course there were a lot of GM and mopar parts too.