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  1. And I am putting a heater in the Cobra over the winter, so I side with 'Chelle.
  2. :D

    I'd rather install a heater in a car that's not going to be restored to original and be able to drive it than not install the heater and lose fingers & toes to frostbite.

  3. i removed the heater from my car when i was younger and let me tell you, i also would rather keep my toes and fingers than not have a heater EVER again.
  4. It's not the heater that I couldn't go without, it's the defroster.
  5. I had a 1981 CJ7 Renegade with an '86 Eagle I6 in it. The ignition system was unmistakeingly Ford. I had 31" Yokohama Super Diggers and was running stock gears behind a T-176 4 speed. I was geting 15-18 MPG in the city and a whopping 35 MPG on highway trips. That more than made up for the tiny gas tank. The only constant problem was ripping out engine mounts and losing driveshafts from the incredible low end torque. I wound up getting some custom shafts built and replaced the skid plate and tranny torque stop system to solve the problem.

    My buddy then bought an '82 Renegade which had the benefit of the stock Ford 9", 1/2" more track and a T5. That was a great driver.
  6. yeah, i love my little cherokee, it's a great little truck or actually a station wagon is what the insurance company calls it. that's probably why my full coverage insurance on it is so cheap.

    i still have to find an old AMC before i can even begin thinking about doing a fuelie 4.0 swap in it. i also have to decide if i do buy an AMC if i'll buy something like i described or if i'll buy the AMC Rebel Machine i now of that's been off the road for quite a while, maybe i'll get the Machine and throw in a Jeep 401. now that would be fun as hell too.
  7. How about....(drum roll, please).... a Gremlin! No kidding, Mrs StDR had one when I met her; had a 258 I6 in it, Ford ignition, Carter 1bbl, Mopar 904 automatic and a Ford 8 or 9" chunk - from the factory. Used to blow the doors off unsuspecting Tucson high-schoolers with it at stoplights. :p We probably would have kept it a long time; but, with a baby coming, the lack of A/C and two years of Cleveland winter rot on the body made it "not family friendly". Used to know a guy down here in Yuma with a Gremlin X - factory 343ci mill under the hood. :eek:
  8. Since this is my thread, I get to hijack it a little. :D

    On another forum (not car related), we were talking about new year's resolutions and I thought this was kind of funny.

  9. Yeah, but has he seen your StangNet avatar?
  10. LOL. Nope. It's a photography forum specializing in taking photos of aquatic life so I generally use pics of my fish. This is the only forum I use key chick for.