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  1. In chasing my leak-in-the-rain issue on my driver side, I noticed something about the door frame trim:

    Here's the fitup of the trim on the passenger side:


    Here's the driver side:


    The driver side stinks, doesn't it? I don't know if this screw-up happened when the dealer replaced the door weather stripping or if this is how it came from the factory. But I am tiring of these workmanship issues. :nonono:

    I'd like to correct this myself rather than taking the car to the dealer and the hassle it causes in the logistics. Does anyone know or willing to share how to remove kick panel in order to make the correction? Removing the upper trim piece is much more complicated!!!

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  2. Yeah, that looks like some possible laziness there....
  3. ...and maybe the result of a $35/hr UAW worker anticipating his/her next 23-1/2 minute break and oblivious to what they were doing?... If this is the result of a lazy dealer tech, I humbly apologize to the UAW dude at the factory responsible for the driver-side trim...:rolleyes:
  4. panel

    Mine is factory and is exactly the same way...Ive never noticed until u pointed it out...I wonder if they are all that way. If I ever get anal enough Ill make it match the passenger side.
  5. That's really odd!! Reckon the same dude that applied your trim also applied mine? Last week I had the weather stripping replaced on that side since there was a section of it all distorted. Whoever assembled that side didn't really care that the strip was obviously bad and also didn't care about the current part fit issue.

    I showed it to the dealer's service rep today at noon and scheduled it to be corrected. I wouldn't be so anal about it if I didn't have a water leak somewhere on that side. Also contributing to my analness is my life as a QA/QC professional which over the years has warped my brain into noticing irregularities and expecting corrective action. My life can be frustrating!!! :p
  6. LOL

    I understand the OCD....been there, just getting older and not so prone to notice the things that used to drive me nuts!:D
  7. uh...OCD? ...don't think so. In this case it's more like my expectations of highly paid workers to deliver commensurate with what they get paid. IMHO carelessness, slothfulness or inattention aren't worth minimum wage...
  8. really

    Cut em a brake....its probably just a faster way Ford designed to build the car or a minor shortcut almost no one would notice....dont make a mountain out of a mole hill you will end up with high blood pressure....Enjoy what is good about the car, the molding is so minor its funny.
  9. Yep. There's such a thing in this world as "human error"....and it costs industry a lot of money which is in fact considered when prices are determined for product which means it's passed on to we consumers in the form of inflated prices.

    Yes, it's funny and quite minor, but in the end, they are going to fix it to my satisfaction!!
  10. Ooops! Pardon my poor grammar. It's "us consumers...". :rolleyes:
  11. Please don't construe this thread and my contribution to it as reflecting negatively on the car as a whole. I love it! Being black with the polished 18" wheels, it's a real "looker". I have received compliments on it at intersection stops and in parking lots. It's a real pleasure to drive in both the feel and the performance.

    My very first new car was a black jade 1969 Mustang 302 fastback with a 3-speed PS, PB or AC. The 2012 could very well be my last new car. But the new one is so superior to the 69 in every way. Looking back and by comparison, I would consider the 69 in the cheapo category. Despite its many shortcomings, I'd surely like to still have it!

    I just wish they could locate the source of the leak and fix the trim which may very well be a contributor to the leak since it *does* affect how the weather stripping reacts to the door closure!!!
  12. leak

    there is a TSB out for it...easy fix...I put dyno mat over the place they claimed it could leak, done.
  13. I'm pleased you set the appointment up. Just let me know if you need me again. :)

  14. This afternoon at 3pm I took the car in to my dealer (Matthews Ford) adviser friend (Scott Monroe). He made a phone call to the trim dude who told him to drive the car on back into the service area. About 10 minutes later, Scott came driving up in my car freshly repaired! Both sides now look alike and most important of all, they are right!!!! :D

    It's raining lightly outside and I have a towel in the leak area just in case the leak is still there.
  15. nice

    Hopefully thats the end of it....good luck
  16. The towel was wet this morning...:bang::bang::bang: