Workout guys: What protein shakes are you taking?

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  1. Oh I will not have the 'gym cloths' that are acceptable/not acceptable conversation with you...I was unfortunate enough to have been in the gym in the late 80's early 90's when people decided to introduce 'style' into the gym...those were sad times :(
  2. Very well, agree to disagree. I will admit to wrapping my knees though when I squat, so nobody's perfect
  3. I don't know your age my man but when you get to mine you'll be glad you wraped those knees...looking for your belt (which usually has your straps tied too it) every time you want to take on the big weights. When I was younger and immortal I was relentless....stretching was what I wanted my weight belt to do when I was off my diet, not what I did for 15 minutes before I started my work out...treat your body well cause you feel all the damage later. :)
  4. I don't mind people that use straps on very heavy lifts. I mean, your back will never grow if you can lift anymore weight because of your forearms. It's the guys that CONSTANTLY use straps for everything (dumbell presses, lat pull downs, shurgs, I mena everything) and on every set that it bothers me. Same thing with a belt. I use a belt on my very last (read, HEAVY) set of DLs. Does that make me a pu**y? Doubt it. But then you see those 'dudes' that walk around with the belt on like their modeling for Abercrombie.
  5. i was just kiddin'. I don't wrap my knees but I don't care when people do.
  6. True Mass in Chocolate. Best stuff I have tasted. Its really good. I have tried everything else and this takes the cake. Its the only thing that can kill my chocolate cravings because it tastes damn good.
  7. I used Isopure, it has mad amounts of protein (like 50grams), but its alittle expensive. I just try to skip the fast food and cut back on da beers.....but its hard in college....
  8. I love taste of protein, and its even better with some raw eggs mixed in. Tastes like slimy graham crackery goo. But it works!
  9. 2 of the guys I used to train with messed up their knees, one recovered and the other didn't. But I take it as a lesson learned and play safe north of 300#, especially since I dip a good deal below parallel
  10. I learned that lesson when I gave myself a major case of tendonosis in my right wrist that still bothers me occasionally. But that's what Ibuprofen is for
  11. I have been using the chocolate powder from Body Fortress.....tastes awefull but who cares?
  12. I go ass to grass every other week and just use a belt on my doubles/singles.
  13. I use optimum whey and mix it up now and then with N-lare 2. Staying on one kind of protien for a long period of time isnt such a good thing ,your body will somewhat become imune to the same protien over time. I dont mind the straps either to an extent. I dont think your forearms will ever be able to lift as much as your lats or shoulders when you reach a certain point of development. As far as the gym fasion i say leave it for the ***s, thats one of the main reasons I left the gym seen for the home routine. Heres what I have so far. This spring I want a leg press machine.

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  14. wow you have a nice setup there :nice:
  15. If you want good results take the Cellmass/No-Xplode stack from BSN. I have been working out for quite some time and I have NEVER seen results (legally ;) ) like I do with this stuff.

    As far as protien goes I take ON 100% in the morning and at night before bed and ISO protien directly after my workout.
  16. :jaw: Okay I'm not touching that crap anymore... My kidneys are probably in bad enough shape as it is!!!

    You guys are scaring me :(
  17. Strype, don't be scared of creatine lol. You just have to stay hydrated throughout the day and not have a problem. Same thing with an increased protein uptake, you have to keep hydrated (Same thing to LIVE, you have to stay hydrated, see what I'm gettin at?).
    Anyway, creatine does in fact work. The problem comes with varying body types. Your muscles can only hold or retain so much creatine, also your body can only produce so much creatine. A perfect candidate for creatine supplementation would be someone whose muscle can hold more creatine, and their bodies don't produce enough creatine ot begin with. On the other hand, if your body produces enough creatine to supply your muscle, creatine supplementation will and won't work for you (We call these types 'nonresponders', as they do not respond to an increased creatine uptake).
    There is hope for no responders (I said supplementing WILL or wont work, remember?) and it comes in form of creatine. Creatine Monohydrate, the most basic form of creatine, should be tried first. If you are a 'responder', you will notice within a few days that your muscles are fuller and your strength increases slightly. If you are a 'nonresponder' you wont notice much of a change at all. Non responders can resort too CEE, or Creatine Ethel Ester (such as BSN NO Xplode, or Labrada Supercharge). CEE will not only supply you with extra creatine, but it absobs differently (not as effectively, although) so nonresponders can feel the benefits of creatine.
    On another note, I don't see how your body could ever get used to protein. I can understand you might get sick and tired of the same company's product, but I don't see how your body could ever become immune to protein absorbtion? And even if you could, how would changing the company fix the problem? its the same basic thing, protein?
  18. Listen to Fox Racer, he's right about all that.

    With high protein intake, higher water intake is required. Our bodies aren't made of 70% of it for no reason ya know :) Fail that, THEN worry about kidney problems.

    Strype, my point of the laughing smiley was at the "creatine>protein". Reason: Protein is food. Think of it as building blocks for muscle. Without enough blocks, you don't grow. Period. That's why so many people fail at building muscle, because they don't eat enough day in and day out to support it. Your body doesn't want to build muscle, it does so by adaption. You break down muscle fibers AT the gym, and you grow during recovery. But you need the right fuel before you bottom out quickly. Creatine can only do so much, and it's nowhere near what everyone cracks it up to be. Maybe for those who eat like a bird and try it for the first time and get lots of newbie gains (which they lose after because they don't eat to support any newfound results), but that's about it as far as being "the greatest" supplement out there. And don't get me started on L-Glutamine...