Workout guys: What protein shakes are you taking?

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  1. isnt it help the body absorb the protein better? so in your opinion what do YOU think a basic good supplement is? right now i take nothing and i havent seen a loss in muscle - but i did increase my protein eating..
  2. Why take creatine when the body produces and regulates its levels naturally... any extra consumed just ends up being secreted as waste through the kidneys
  3. I always recommend making sure your diet is as good as you can make it, then supplementing. Sups are only going to do so much, so you might as well give it the best base possible. Not to mention it's a lot cheaper to let the food do the work. Food is king, no doubt about it. I usually don't even use any but right now I'm on NO-Xplode and Cell-Mass. Cell Mass I'll be taking out of routine soon but I will continue on NO-X.

    But first, make sure it IS muscle you're losing and not just overall size. You'd be real surprised at how much you lose that isn't lean body mass (LBM) that you think is. Anyway, at the end of the day you have to eat enough calories to maintain your size or gain. Otherwise you're going to lose weight. If your diet is great, you'll lose nearly all fat and water. If it's not, say byebye to some muscle too.
  4. To get big and recover fast...your body creates natural test too...why do people use steriods...same reason.
  5. Only it doesn't produce nearly the results that test does, even in the best possible scenario. And success rate ratio in use between the two isn't close either.
  6. Difference between steriods and creatine:

    You take creatine? Wow I never would've guessed... :shrug:

    JESUS CHRIST! You got big as ****! :eek:
  7. No comment :) I have no experience with creatine.
  8. :lol:

    Let's also make it a point to mention that even WITH steroid use, without FOOD you still aren't going to get much results. I know a few people who are on "the sauce" and you'd hardly even suspect they lift weights frequently. It's hilarious.
  9. Wow I guess I need to lay off the coffee during the day :rlaugh:

    Thanks guys...

    God I'm sick of baked fish and chicken and rice though
  10. Drugs and poor diet/training does not a good body make...oh and asside from what many may think, genetics are always a limiting factor.
  11. I need to post a picture of my bro-in-law. He's 5'10 and now about 240 lbs. At competition weight he's around 205-220 I think.

    He's only 24. He looks like the incredible hulk. Unfortunately we don't get along so well so I son't ask him for anything anymore.

    He told me once to drink whey protein, drink water all day, eat 5-6 small meals a day consisting of baked chicken, rice, and the like. I did it for about a month and lost all hope for eating like that all the time. I did lose weight though.
  12. How often do you pull? Don't you have like a 650 pull or something? I thought I remember reading another post were you gave out some numbers. When you rack pull where do you start with the bar? Above or below the knee? I was thinking of changing my routine, and squating heavy one week, and pulling heavy on the opposite week. Sorry for hijacking
  13. Right- I wasnt saying that creatine and juice give the same results...I was just stating that the body produces both naturally thats all. Someone made a comment saying that they could not understand why people took things that there body already produced.

    You have to eat like a horse when juicing or your not going to see any results. I have seen people juice and actually get a lot smaller but ripped where as the people who do it right can expect to put on 30lbs in a single cycle. You lose some due to water weight and retension but its still rediculous. I have considered it quite a few times.

    But right now I take cellmass, no xplode, animal pak, on 100% whey and I eat nothing but grilled chicken, steak, rice, salad and hummous. I am cutting right now because I bulked for forever but I am down to about 205lbs at the moment. IF I juice it will be in march.
  14. Oh of course. I meant that Test was an absolute as to whether or not it'd work, whereas creatine is hit or miss.

    Strype - eat MORE of that and you'll be building muscle :nice: It's an easy thing, it's just hard to execute day after day after day. You might be surprised at how little you actually eat when it's all nutrient-filled calories. Anyone can eat a big calorie diet when pizza is involved (for instance) but when you're talking all good, clean foods, it's a whooole 'nother story. Usually I have people write down what they eat when they complain they eat a lot and can't gain mass, and it's NEVER even 3000 calories. Thankfully, once you get used to eating big, it's 2nd nature.

    For whoever asked, I pull every 3 weeks currently, but I'm also cutting. I do a 3-workout cycle where I do one on week 1, the next on week 2, the last on week 3, then i start again the next time around. When I bulk I will be pulling more often.

    I do rack pulls from right at the knee, bodybuilding style. You can do them lower/higher to work on sticking spots too, which is a powerlifting technique (overhaul to break through your weak points, which you can do for board presses, pin presses, pin squats, etc.). Working through those will help your entire deadlift by making you able to break thru your sticking point, which obviously gives you a bigger pull number. Me, I'm more for development so I don't let my pull speed hinder my back lockout strength. The idea behind the rack pull is, from a powerlifting standpoint, be able to lock out much more than your max so whe you DO attempt your max, you won't get stuck halfway up and lockout will be a snap. :nice: Powerlifting is fun that way, and how you can attack your weak spots and turn it all around. I don't do much in that respect but I DO use the methods when I want to raise my numbers and make everyone think I'm on drugs because they can't do it too... :rlaugh:

  15. +1 :D

    On the other hand I knew this guy that took HGH and "did" look the part but had a bad side effect of the drug. One of his feet grew 1 inch and the other didnt! To be a pro there a must!! But the odds of becoming a pro are pretty steep. And roids can do some serious damage in one form or another!
  16. That's because he took HGH :rolleyes: Definitely not a good idea, I'd imagine the only stuff even "worth" taking (not that I think it is, fyi) is the stuff that's just not affordable for normal use.

    FWIW, Skip LaCour is supposed to be natural and I believe picked up his pro card recently. It's possible, just not probable. Definitely won't turn out like the top IFBB pros without some juice though, if that's what you meant.
  17. Yeah. The NPC's. Its a freak show!!
  18. I meant he's closing in on his IFBB pro card :jaw: Personally I think he's got a few of the lower-card IFBB pros already, but that's just my opinion.
  19. I have been pulling off of a couple of 45's so that I can get stronger out of the whole, but I think locking out is the easy part. I will be leaving for a month long school on monday, and I am going to get in contact with you after for some diet info. I would like to get to 235-240, and start trimming down a little come May
  20. Cool that's the way to do it. I had a knee problem years ago that kept me from wanting to even bother squatting or doing any kind of deadlift, so as a result my back got real weak. I took it overboard training rack pulls hard as hell, and the result ended up huge :D Now to get my speed up...