Workout guys: What protein shakes are you taking?

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  1. I have issues when I try to use CHEAP creatine. But with the BNC stuff I'm fine. I take a good bit of supplements myself. And they are working. I haven't gained much body weight but my muscle mass and build is much much better. I am 5' 10'' and 175, benching 275, squating a hair under 400 on a bar (could probably go higher if it didn't hurt my shoulder so much), and I deadlifted 405 3 times last wednesday.
  2. Are you taking your protien with water or milk?
  3. :rolleyes: Train heavy enough and you'll need em' Try shrugs w/ 500+ for 10 for a few sets and we'll see how long your grip will hold out. They are there to help you better isolate the muscle your trying to work. For example your grip will give out long before you shoulders fatigue.....meaning instead of wasting valuable energy on your grip trying to hold the bar you can focus more on the form and isolating the shoulders during the movement. That grip will be long gone before you fatigue the muscle. Obviously this was using shrugs as an example but it can pertain to back (as in pullups) , etc....
  4. Yes, but I'm edging close to finally getting that elusive 3x bodyweight deadlift, and I'm going to need all the grip I can get. Also, having such a strong grip really helps pushing biceps training go over the top. For example, I used to be able to curl an olympic bar with 165lbs x4-6reps, no cheating! Unfortunately this lead to me f'ing up my wrist, but now I'm getting close to that again, though I use a EZ-bar now. In my Svend Karlsen video, he shrugs 485 without straps or even reversing his grip. So I know with enough brutal training my grip will be able to keep up with my back strength at any level.
  5. Not everyone is svend karlsen. There is a reason why they have a handful of competitors in worlds strongest man competitions. You need to remember he's got trainers, sponsors, getting stronger is his job, and he's got the genetics. Don't mean to bust your bubble but it is very doubtful you or myself will ever be on that level. Obviously someone that is 6'6 and damn near a solid 350lbs will be able to do things like that. Not saying I can't shug 485 w/o straps (b/c I can and have done it before) however, I can't carry a compact car across the parking lot either.

    With that being said. Yes developing forearms and grip is a must. I incorperate exercises into my training that develop that. However, I save it for a seperate exercise. When I shrug (I want to work only shoulders) when I do pullups (I only want to work back) Devolping grip w/ those exercises has never been a concern since I address that issue seperate. With deadlifts (esp. heavy one's I'd want all my concentration on form and not being worried about grip) Only takes one small tweak to ruin your back. Not a chance I'd be willing to take again.
  6. How on Earth are you able to shrug nearly 500lbs. without straps, while doing pullups without them puts apparently puts any kind of stress on your forearms/grip? That doesn't add up unless you're strapping nearly 300lbs. to your weight belt :crazy:

    I understand wanting to work your back while doing pullups, but given that you can hold 500 you should be able to hang off the pullup bar for half an hour without any fatigue whatsoever :shrug:
  7. ever heard of the junkyard shuffle lol?. what a friend of mine and myself did was grab tires with rims (preferably 16.5's as they are heavy especially with bias tires) and try to toss them as far as we could with one hand (kinda like discus) that happened for 2 years, 5 days a week. you will build up so much forearm its rediculous. grabbing a shortblock from inside a car or truck and heaving it out works on that as well as long as your back is willing to give with it. im not saying im a badass or anything but after 5 years of that type of stuff i was able to take a 12oz beer bottle and crush it with 1 hand (being drunk not sober). use gloves or your gonna get some serious stitches lol.

    also another good thing to do if you dont want to buy weights is get a 3/4" diameter steel rod like rebar and but some cynder blocks on the end. cheap and effective.:flag:
  8. necessity is the mother of invention :lol: I know a guy who created his entire "gym" out of various junk laying around. It was hilarious, and effective. Obviously he was very limited in what he could do, but for his intentions it was good. Good for a laugh too, you don't see that kinda stuff everyday!
  9. right on brotha lol. cylinder heads from a FE motor work great :D and the blocks for dead lift type stuff.
  10. no kidding. You know what makes for a good farmer's walk? Huge, stuffed bags of leaves after you rake. Grab a couple of those in each hand and walk across the yard with them. :rlaugh:

  11. :Word:
  12. I also should be hitting a 3x dead in few months, but I use straps whenever I go over 225 for barbell rows. Actually I go strapless as long as I can on just about every back exercise, but when it is beneficial to use the strap in order to blast my back, I use them. I however never use them for deads. I do not think my biceps training has suffered in any shape or form. To each his own
  13. No, of course I'm not saying I can duplicate their feats, but it is an ideal that is useful to get motivated. But Magnus ver Magnusson wasnt all that big (less than 300 I think), and a lot of guys that compete in strongman arent even that tall (<6ft). I think (if, meaning no more injuries) I can get up to about 240 I should be big enough to try out in a regional event, with my strong arms and back I think I'd fit in. All I want is to be able say "Hey, at least I got out there and tried"
  14. I just picked up some BSN N.O-xplode and Cellmass. Lets see if they help.
  15. NO-xplode is a great product.
  16. I tried the N.O xplode today 45min before the gym today for the first time. I can't really say I noticed anything. I dont understand the "assess your tolerence" thing? I only did one scoop, maybe tomorrow i'll try 1 and a 1/2.
  17. Just got back from the market and while passing the magazine section in one of the muscle mag's Arnold was on the cover so I skimmed through it to check it out. MAN! In his day he had the biggest chest Ive ever seen on a body builder!! His arms werent to shabby either. It was 4-5 pages on him. (some kind of work out diary he kept) In his prime I think he has a better body then most BB's today! NOT the best but pretty dam good considering his prime was 35 years ago!!
  18. fixed :)

    He had much better proportions than the pros of today. Better aesthetics too, but that's my opinion. I prefer the golden age of bodybuilding over today, easy.
  19. Agree'd :nice:
    Being 6'2 with a skinny waist and wide shoulders helped the effect! Most of todays BB's look like power lifters. Though Dorian Yates was my idle for a long time!
  20. Bodybuilding is art, and he had a perfect canvas.