Workout guys: What protein shakes are you taking?

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  1. And good genes!
  2. For sure. You ever see him as a teenager?
  3. yeah, a 100X :D
  4. whats your point?
  5. Just asking if you have or haven't :shrug: He was bigger and more developed then than most people ever get.
  6. oh I thought you ment in his school days. Yeah by 18-19 he was a power house.
  7. The BB's now compared to say Arnold years ago are already much different. Arnold was a beast but some of the guys now are much much larger. Looks to me like in Arnolds time legs werent emphasized as much as they are now.

    I think No-xplode works well. It seems to really give me a lot of energy. It is also supposed to help blood flow I believe.

    I get a good energy rush from animal pack also. It is basically 11 pills with tons of different amino's and vitamins. Good stuff.
  8. Animal Pak is, basically, a multi-vitamin. And vitamins are good! ;) The other products they have are arguably muscle builders, but not IMO. Reviews seem to be 2 bad for every good. :shrug:

    Back then, gigantic legs for the sake of being gigantic wasn't the thing. It was all about symmetry and proportions. Now the proportions seem to be thigh size vs. back, and being that you pretty much see one at a time the whole thing just looks cartoony.
  9. Very true. Do you remember a guy from the 90's called QuadZilla? Paul Demayou(spelling)
  10. Yup, Paul DeMayo: awesome nickname! :rlaugh:
  11. So true. Perfect example would be Frank Zane. I think he "mite have been" 200lbs.
  12. Yea, ~180 at contest weight at least once when he won the O (I think I said that a few pages ago...)

    He & Steve Reeves have my ideal build.

  13. I don't use them for pullups but just saying some people do. I don't use straps for anything else but shrugs just to clarify. I was just trying to make a point, that they are a very useful tool when used correctly.
  14. Whats your height and weight?
  15. I agree :nice:

    5'10", 190 just down from 200. Was 150 a few years ago when I started. Small-frame, small jointed, etc. Totally scrawny build, tough to fill out but look bigger at lighter weights :nice: Good thing I want to look like Reeves or Zane and not Franco Columbu :rlaugh:

    I've been 210 around 14%bf before but took a year to focus on proportions only and catching everything up to my best parts. Sucks that I wasted precious mass-building time, but I look better and more complete as a result. Sacrifice...But as I said before, bodybuilding is an art and it sure is to me, so this is more important than being out of proportion and 230lbs. However now that I'm finally caught up, I'll be starting my way back to 210 in early/mid Feb.
  16. Thats a good weight for your height at 14% :nice:
  17. Thanks, it was getting me down though because I hold most of it in my pecs and lower abdomen. I had split quad heads, separation between bi/tri, visibly split bicep heads, and striations in my inner chest/delts...but my waist was too large for my liking and lower pecs were killing me :doh: Being at 11-12% where I am now makes such a big difference in those areas.

    I grew up as a size 32 on a bad day, so getting up a few notches was and still is a shocker. Back to 190 and a size 32 now (only my legs don't fit into those so I keep my larger ones - i'm sure you can relate) - gotta keep the bulk clean this time around ;)
  18. i've heard good things about both of them. I currently use Optimum Nutrition protein for pre/post workout and Dorian Yates ProPeptide for my night time shake if I don't feel like making myself a meal.
  19. Im older then you. I do it to keep strong now. 10 years ago I was 11% at 215lbs. Im 6'6. I used to train with Mr Colorado.(well, he was in 1989) Learned alot. He was my personal trainer for 2 years. I have a daughter now so cant do it full time. Im addicted for life though!:D Used to go out to Venice beach alot and check out the big boys! Good stuff :nice:
  20. I turned 25 earlier this month, to give you an idea. I figure now is the time to hit it as hard as possible, because down the road I most likely won't have the time to really put my entire day into it all. That won't bother me so much as throwing my able time away now will ;)

    That's cool about the trainer, I'd like to train with someone of that caliber for a while too! Closest I have are a few friends who either do powerlifting (all 3 or a single), strongman or bodybuilding competitions. We're always going back and forth on everything, learning from each other about all aspects. Without meeting those guys I'd probably still be sub-170 and built like a stick.