Workout guys: What protein shakes are you taking?

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  1. Thats cool! :nice: I worked with him in Colorado in the mid 90's. I worked out alot with some of his other clientell. William Reece who was Mr Jr USA at the time and a few professional rock climbers! Those guys were amazing! They werent big but could bang out a 100 pull ups in 1 set! :eek: The sport has an amazing amount of things to learn which made it interesting for me. Keep it up bro!
    Hey, being from Mass. you definitly heard of QuadZilla and ahhhhh I forget his name! Only retired a few years ago and was known for his calves and Bi's. Both were Boston boys!
  2. Good eye! One of the guys I talked about learning from has trained w/DeMayo a few times (DeMayo is his friend's cousin) over near Boston. I'm on the other side of the state.

    Jay Cutler is the only one I think of off the top of my head, and obviously he is still around. He's originally from midway between that friend above and I. Drawing a blank on the other one though!

    The body is an amazing thing. It amazes me how you can make it adapt to do endless things.
  3. I imagine it is hard to build muscle and gain when you have a ectomorph or endomorph build. I have always been able to gain muscle very easily and quickly. When I started working out again it took no time to get the strength I had when I quit. I didn't get the size as fast but I got the strength back quick.

    My brother is sorta on the ecto side. He is building muscle well but he has a flat chest, smaller body type and can't gain weight at all. I have big bones and a much bigger build than he does. Still not a large man by any means tho.
  4. Ah, but ectomorphs have it easy in another way: all they have to do is a few situps and pushups and girls go crazy on the beach! At first I wanted that but I've got a 36" waist, barrel chest and a nominal bodyweight of 200. So I scrapped the 'training to look good' theme and concentrated on size and strength. One of my bro's is an ecto, the other a tall endo/meso and me pure meso. So we got a good distribution I guess
  5. This is just my opinion based off of my previous beliefs, but when it comes to not being able to put on any size all you have to do is get more strict. I used to cry 'hardgainer' and all that, then I put every hour of every day into accomplishing my goals, year after year, and people from high school barely recognized me after a couple. I'll never be Stan McQuay but there's limits for everyone I suppose.

    One one side I fill out nicely and (provided I focus 100% on everything) can add muscle or lose fat quite easily. On the other, I envy the ones who can eat whatever, train however, and add slabs of muscle like it's water weight. :shrug:

    ...or the ones like my training partner who eat whatever they want and still remain at 10%bf or lower. My only consolation there is he'll never get thick or fully developed with the way he eats :)

    Double-edged swords all around!!
  6. I feel your pain. I was about 160-165 when I started and over almost ten years I have gotten up to 225-230. I am also 5'10", but I have the build of a bb, and even at my heaviest wieght I have good proportions. I have not been blessed with the genetics to put on a ton of muscle, but what I do put on really comes in exactly the way a bb would want. I by no means have a perfect physique, but I have pretty wide shoulders, so even when I am up around 230 my 34-35 in waist does not look bad. As far as bb goes I am a huge fan of Jay Cutler even though I know that his physique is not what I would call ideal. I think as fans we have to accept the way the judges are making these athletes push the envelope. I am a fan of bb from all eras, but I must say that Dorian just looked unreal when he was Mr. O. I think Jay is going to bringh more attention to bb, because he is a very smart business man and has the golden boy look that america craves.
  7. Mike Matarazzo, I met him at the Arnold a few years ago, and his calves are bigger than even the pics show. He was a very nice guy, it is too bad he had his issues, as he really seemed to enjoy competing
  8. BINGO!!:nice: He's been in the sport forever, great personality and always gave the fans a good show. I met him once on L.I. at a grand opening of a gym and again at Gold's gym in Venice beach CA. Both times he was with Paul Dillet.
  9. No explode only works so far. And you must take it right. The assesing your tolerance is just one day. The next day you can jump right into 3 scoops. Make sure you stay strict to the eating schedual or else you will get the runs. Also when you drink alot of water while lifting it works better..
  10. That happens to me with Protein powders. If I dont eat enough I get the hershy squirts!
  11. :eek: sounds like somethings out of balance in your diet!